Astral Sex, Dreams, Finding Help And Ted!

Astral Sex, Dreams, Finding Help And Ted!

Don’t forget to catch me in, Sex With Allie, with Gabreael live during “A Glimpse Through The Veil “, tonight, Feb 14th from 9 – 10 pm EST!

Gab and I are chat it up on one of my favorite subjects – sex. Physical sex, astral sex…no holds bar sex. But knowing us, who knows where this conversation could go! Stop by ask questions, get involved or just say hi:)

If you have a question for me (We were swamped with astral sex questions the last time I was on, so yes this is a no holds bar show. Ask away) please email Gabreael to ask me on the air at:

The chat on The L Word’s Second Life went well Monday night until the grid crashed and we all got kicked off. We were right in the middle of talking about some really cool sex toys too – humph! But I will be back next week – maybe at a later time – 10:00 pm EST. It’s up to me if I want the time change and I’m considering it. I’ll let you know.

Snow – man did we get nailed. I haven’t seen it this bad in at least 10 – 15 years. It’s not as bad here as in upstate NY. But it is still bad enough to have businesses shut down and the kids off from another day of school. My kid is liking these snows days way too much:)

I’ve tried 3 or 4 times to go into a session today and it just isn’t happening. All I keep seeing is me being very very busy – writing, speaking and doing radio shows (my own and being a guest on others). Then it all goes dark and I hear Jezell tell me to 1) hire a manager 2) hire a publicist 3) hire a assistant. Now, I think all ideas are great. BUT – where would one find a manager that would manage my readings (book me for psychic fairs), schedule workshops, manage my books, my screenplays, my writing, my column, my blogs, podcast and hopefully upcoming radio show? Where does one find a creative metaphysical manager? I don’t have a clue either. The publicist would be great – but I’d like to find one who wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg and also the assistant — but again, money plays in. Maybe I could live with the assistant and the publicist? I don’t have a clue. But I cannot get any further than this, so it must be pretty damn important that I do something if the Divine wall not let me past this point today. So it’s all under advisement.

Now Will has taken a back seat for now, and Bill is coming in and out. Seems like Bill’s busy, but he wants to stay in touch. I keep hearing him tell me that no soul flies closer to me than him – no soul. Ted – he is staying in my energy field but on the outskirts. It’s weird, because I can feel him, but he’s not “right there” which is what I’m used to when it comes to one of the guys hanging out. I asked him if there is something that I could do for him – since he is hanging about. And he simply replies that he needs the comfort of my energy. He won’t elaborate and I’m not going to push. He was in the tail end of my dream visits last night. He had to go to work but didn’t want to. We were in what appeared to be an underground lake, man made. And there was a huge cement tunnel that he had to go through that he didn’t want to. He, I and someone else were in the water and he said he had a butt cramp. So here I am massaging his butt when I wake up. I had to laugh. That was a first.

Now my dreams are still going on that hotel theme. Every night I am in a hotel getting ready to check out. They are all nice hotels and I know that I am there for work. This last one though had me climb into a two person, light green metal elevator with a Hispanic man. He fiddled with this pressure gauge in it and up we went, 9 stories. I had my eyes closed and he said not to worry that nothing would happen to me. Then we shot under the busy roads in some old, yet sturdy tunnel and came out on the other side of the roads at a very old brick building. When I asked him what this used to house, he said it was the old Westinghouse plant – and so was the place we just came from. The elevator system was used to get people back and forth between the two plants. He jumped up and went to find the part that would fix whatever I needed to get into in order to get home. I had to stay there and guard the elevator, which after we shot out of this tunnel was horizontal and not vertical.

Now my grandfather, William (we called him Bill), worked for Westinghouse as a young man. I don’t know if that ties into anything, but I knew that connection as soon as I awoke. The other part of my dreams I remember is that I was driving and took the wrong expressway – I took 77N instead of 71N. Now when it came to a spot for me to do a u-turn, I did, in front of a State Highway Patrol post and as I did it I saw a sign that had I kept going straight the next exit would have taken me to 71N. I heard a voice tell me that I’m taking the long way but I’ll make my destination and if I want to speed things up, it is in my control.

Also – last night while I’m remembering — I was a bank teller again and my drawer was 36 dollars short. But I knew that was BS and so did everyone else. I kept telling them it was a computer glitch. Now when I was a bank teller in real life – many years ago – my drawer did come up short $900 and we were having computer problems that day. I never took the money- yet I was written up for it. About a year or so after I quit the bank – I found out that the head teller had been manipulating the computers and stealing money. Guess I know where that $900 went!

One last thing before I go — Ted keeps wanting me to go back to the meadow with him. He’s ancy about it — I keep telling him that it is not a good idea for him to ever go back there without all of us with him – not just me. He is insistent that there is something there for just me and him — but I have no urge to go.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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