Astral Sex, Dream Sex And Telepathic Sex!

Astral Sex, Dream Sex And Telepathic Sex!

I have such good news to tell you about where Whispers Media is concerned — and I can’t tell you yet! I have to wait until the ink is dry but this is an excellent move for us and for taking the new women sexual revolution to next step! I hope that in a few days I can clue you in…and I thought that I was busy now! HAHAHA…I’ll have a good laugh on that later on.

Is Astral or Dream Sex Considered Cheating?

My radio/podcast with Gabreael went great on Wednesday! We had a blast chatting it up about astral sex, Whispers Media, and more sex! I think though that I misunderstood a question. I took her to ask: Do I believe in nymphomaniacs? After I was explaining that yes I think there are some and what I term a nympho to be — I could have sworn I heard Gab say that the question was if I was a nympho! We moved straight ahead, and I never did get to ask if that’s what was said. But why do people have to turn a person who enjoys sex and who thinks that sexual satisfaction is important to all people into a person who is a sex addict and wants to have sex 24/7 regardless who it is with? Just because I love sex does not mean that I am consumed by it 24/7. I have MANY other interests in life, and I only have 24 hours in a day:) I spend many a waking hour and sleep time engaged in other activities. So to whoever asked – the answer is NO – I’m not a nympho.

Another person wanted to know if cybersex is considered cheating on their partner (and I’ve been asked this before) – and I said yes. They then had a come back to – well then isn’t astral sex cheating as well? I said no, there are no physical parts involved in astral sex. Then they chimed back – there are not physical parts merging in cybersex either. SIGH. Gab jumped in and said it is a difference of opinion here; I think she wanted to divert a potential hot spot – my comment was it looks like the person is trying to find a way out of a guilty conscious – needs to justify his or her behavior as not cheating. Let me tell you – once the partner finds out about the cybersex – all hell will break loose.

Now — since I have the time to tell you what I feel is the difference between cybersex and astral/dream sex – I will.

Cybersex, Astral/Dream Sex & Cheating

Cybersex: To become sexually aroused by another person to a point where you masturbate simultaneously to an orgasm. Right? So instead of your partner getting you to have an orgasm, you are taking it into your own hands. So your physical body part is being used for solo sexual satisfaction. The cybersex person is taking the place of your flesh and blood partner.

Astral/dream sex: To become sexually aroused and engage in energetic sex with another person’s energy. In the astral/dream state, energy can be manipulated to a point where it feels and looks like physical body parts are merging — but they are only energy and not actual physical parts. This can lead to an orgasm in the physical body, although this is rare. In most cases, a person would return from their astral travel or wake up from a dream and be so sexual turned on that they would have to take care of it upon waking, and it would be a MUST to take care of, this isn’t something that you can walk off. If they are involved with a flesh and blood partner – the partner benefits from this astral turn on by engaging in physical sex with their partner.

If in a physical relationship with someone – both partners win with the astral/dream sex. In the cybersex, only the partner engaged in the cybersex wins.

Make sense?

Telepathic Sex and Your #1 Sex Organ!

Now there is also telepathic sex. I know — another one? And what in the heck is this? Let me see if I can explain: your brain is your #1 sexual organ. Just by what you think or fantasize about – you can turn yourself on to heightened arousal – or turn yourself so off that even the one person who you think is HOT couldn’t turn you on again. So your brain is EXTREMELY important when it comes to sex. With telepathic sex, you are using your brain power only. Your brain waves connect with another’s brainwave in your mind’s eye you can see and feel the sexual act taking place. Like astral/dream sex, when the connection is broken you could have had an orgasm (this is without your physical help), or you are so turned on that you go to your flesh and blood partner for a sexual (if single, you take care of it on your own) release. Can you tell if you make the connection with another person or if it is just a fantasy? Yes, you can. How? Just as you can tell with a telepathic communication – you have that zing of energy and a warm glow over your body (other people have been known to get a headache or tremble) when you have that telepathic connection. If this factor is missing in the telepathic sex, then you are merely having a fantasy and not the telepathic sex.

Remember, these are MY opinions. Cheating is determined by the partner who is not involved in the cyber or astral/dream sex. So what I say & you can be two different things and still be right.


Food for thought indeed! Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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