Astral Sex: Chakra Fireflies And An Energy Surge!

Astral Sex: Chakra Fireflies And An Energy Surge!

The astral sex I engaged in the other day was nothing like I’ve done before. I didn’t have an agenda in mind when I began my astral adventures. Nor did I feel like finding anyone at all and engaging in astral sex.

I’m moving about in an upper dimension, enjoying the multitude of lights and freedom I felt from not being trapped in my physical body.

I heard a woman’s voice say: are you ready for something new? Being the somewhat adventurous person I am – I replied – yes.

Look over here – her smooth voice called. I did and what I saw was a multitude of tiny specks of light in the colors of the chakra’s: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white. I went to the lights – memorized by their beauty.

The voice said – one by one the lights will pass back and forth through your energy portals, opening them up fully.

And that’s what the lights did – one by one they went through the chakra’s/energy portals opening them up. When they would first pass through, there was a slight “zing” of energy. With every pass through, the zing got stronger. Once they were complete – they hovered in front of me – all lined up with the chakra they represented. My energy field glowed like a light bulb.

The voiced asked – are you ready? For what I asked? Why for orgasmic bliss she replied.

Of course – I answered.

Simultaneously, all of the lights went into the corresponding chakra’s. This push of energy made me feel as if I had a storm surge starting at my feet and turning it’s way to my crown. The energy was incredible. As stated, my energy body experienced an orgasmic climax and release that was fast and furious.

When my astral/energy body slammed back into my physical body, I couldn’t catch my breath. I could feel my lower half throbbing and vibrating as if it just finished an orgasm. I checked – it did.

If you ever have a chance to travel to the higher dimensions – keep a look out for dozens of chakra fireflies – they are well worth the astral sex experience.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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