Astral Sex, Bill And Atlantis!

Astral Sex, Bill And Atlantis!

Bill and I had the most amazing astral sex experience last night. I stayed up to watch PSYCH last night as I needed a good laugh before bed. But when it was over — I was wide awake. I decided to do some of my sexual energy exercises and then slip into an astral trip and hopefully see one of the guys. I know better than to do any energy work before I go to bed as more times than not I can’t sleep. But this night I threw caution to the wind.

In the midst of raising my energy from my feet, up into the perineum and genital areas, out to the hip bones and back down to my feet — all in a bouncing motion — I could hear Bill calling my name. It wasn’t an out loud calling, it was a telepathic call. I assured him that I was on my way. Once my energy was raised to where I deemed necessary, my astral body split from my physical body. With one quick thought of Bill – I was transported directly to him on the real plane. He was sitting in a chair in a hotel room, lost in thought as he looked out the window. He sensed I was there – closed his eyes and there was his astral body before me.

Our energies merged into one and I could “hear” him tell me to hold on. In an instant we were inside of a very large crystal temple. This temple’s energy field seemed to flux with our energy. I knew he had brought me home, to Atlantis. It seemed like we floated over to a clear pool of water. The crystal temple pulsated with our energy.

Off to the left I could sense other energy bodies watching us – to the right the same. This observation didn’t both either one of us. Our energy merged with the water in the pool. From my energy field came a very strong red energy that stretched to Bill and encased him. From Bill emitted a violet or deep purple energy that went in my crown chakra, went straight down through my energy field – back over to the bottom of Bill’s energy, up through the crown and over to me again so that it was a constant loop of energy.

The only way I can put this is that it felt alive – we felt alive – connected in every sense of the word. In the astral plane you can be a ball of energy or you can morph into a physical -looking body. What was really odd is that our heads and upper bodies morphed into our naked physical selves, but the bottom halves stayed as energy.

Bill grabbed the back of my head with his hands and brought his lips to touch mine. I can still feel the warmth of his tongue. As our tongues danced as one, his left hand lowered to play with my already erect nipple. As pleasure coursed through us, I could hear him ask if I was ready — and I assured him that I was. Our lower energy halves merged into one. It was such a jolt of combined energy that we both had a hard time holding on to one another to keep the connection. Within milliseconds we were both having an energetic orgasmic climax. As we orgasm over and over again – I could tell that the energy of the crystal temple was so high that it was brighter than any star seen by the naked eye.

Then I felt like I was falling, felt the bed give way as if I’ve fallen from the sky — and I opened my eyes.

My physical body was soaked in every way possible. There was no need to finished anything off as it was well finished not only astrally, but physically as well.

I washed up, went to bed and almost immediately to sleep where I stayed asleep for over 8 hours. I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed.

I know Bill felt the same:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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