Astral Sex: Astral Sex Boaster!

Astral Sex: Astral Sex Boaster!

Astral sex is a lot of fun. It is also the most difficult of the OBE sex methods to master. But it is so worth the effort. The first thing one has to do before engaging in astral sex is you have to learn how to astral travel. If you don’t know to astral travel here are some books I recommend:

Two by Robert Bruce (who I just adore):
Astral Dynamics
Mastering Astral Projection – 90 Days

One great book by William Buhlman:
Adventures Beyond The Body

If you’re into astral sex, here’s a OBE helper I love to use:

Astral Sex Boaster
6 Quartz Crystals (any type but smokey is fine)
1 Moldavite
1 Carnelian
1 Citrine

Place the stones in this order around where you are going to experience astral sex (bed, chair, couch, floor):
QC – QC – CAR – QC – QC – M – QC – QC – CIT

If you find that you are too jittery with all these stones – take out 2 crystals and the moldavite and try again. Moldavite is a high energy stone (crystals are energy boaster) and not everyone can take it. But you can build a tolerance to it. Just  a little moldavite at a time. 15 min astral sex for a few times – 30 min after that for a few times and so forth.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 😉

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