Astral Sex: Astral and Dream Memory!

Astral Sex: Astral and Dream Memory!

OBE sex blog will be back up to the 3x a week next week. This week has been very hectic with me going to CA on Friday. Something else that will be coming out next week is the OBE newsletter. If you haven’t signed up – you can here.

There are still a couple of spots available for OBE advice on Friday. Email me if you’re interested.

To help with dream sex and astral sex recall: blend 1 tsp. Olive Oil with 3 drops Clove essential oil. Apply to your temples, wrists and third eye (middle of the forehead). Discard or store in a dark bottle w/lid leftovers. Don’t apply the clove oil directly to your skin – it’ll be irritating.

I had a very short but wild astral sex experience the other night. It was about 2:00 am, and my bladder woke me up. Took care of that, laid back down and I thought – this would be a good time to astral.  With sex on my mind, I allowed my energy body to separate from my physical body — even though I almost stopped the process when my body trembled right before the separation.

After separation, I was standing next to my bed with all of my crazy animals snoozing away. I thought about sex again and I shot right up through the ceiling, the attic and out to the roof. I was hovering over my house.  I looked to my right and in the night sky there was a brilliant white and blue light vibrating/hovering very close to me. The energy jazzed me up – I felt an instant electric surge pulsate through me. Because of the high vibrational nature of the energy – I know this was someone that I have no need to be worried about.

Sex went through my mind a 3rd time. As soon as I thought about it – the light was right in front of me. If it had a nose we would have been nose to nose. I nodded – I guess to say ok, you can step into me now.

That’s exactly what happened – we merged. It felt like every particle of my energy field was vibrating, moving and expanding. A volcanic eruption was building inside us, the longer we were merged – the more it built. I thought I was going to get ripped apart (surprisingly even if I thought this – none of this caused any pain). A rumbling explosion came from within us causing waves of energy to ripple rapidity outwards into the universe – an astral organism. I was on fire. The joy one would feel winning the big lottery or having the one you love, love you back — that’s the kind of emotions that went running through me. 

Next thing I knew I came hurdling back to my body and slammed in — waking up the animals. I laid there for at least 30 min thinking wow — that frickin rocked!! That’s the first time such an energy being was waiting for me on this low of a dimensional layer — usually I have to do some extra traveling.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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