Astral Sex And St. Louis Missouri!

Astral Sex And St. Louis Missouri!

I wish I knew where time flew to – but I don’t have a clue! My OBE sex life has hit a big snag due to lack of time. I have had some moments for “quickies” and I do guess that’s better than nothing — but it still bites.

Ted, bless his heart, made an appearance last night. I was half asleep and I can hear him calling me. Instead of sleeping, I hopped into some astral travel. When I went to the real time astral plane I was sluggish – probably because I was tired. There was this strange little creature in the corner – just looking at me. Ted peaked his head through a wall and said – hurry up before she comes back.

I ignored the little creature – which reminded me of an elf – and walked through the wall. Have you ever astrally walked through a wall? It tickles my tummy when I do so — but not as much as when a physical person walks through my astral body. Now THAT is a strange feeling.

Any ways – we’re at his London flat – but things are messed about. A door over there – – windows missing or put in upside down. All strange. Ted looked very frail and stressed – pacing back and forth in his kitchen. I asked how he was. He just stared at me — his green eyes got to be a real deep shade of green – breath taking really.

In the blink of an eye he was in front of me, kissing me. His kisses was so sweet, yet so hungry. It was almost as if he was a starving man who has had his first morsel of food in weeks. His eagerness shot energy waves through my energy body. His mouth was all over my breasts, his lips tugged hungrily at my nipples. I usually don’t remember so much astral wise – in such vividness – but this really stuck out. And during my Robert Bruce workshop that past weekend, Robert remind me about doing something to trigger my memory – and I did…

Okay – back to the sex…

I grabbed onto Ted’s back, I wanted to sink my nails into his shoulder blades, but when I tried my hands went right through him. This was strange to me because his lower half was still very solid. I could feel his cock inside of me — there was no mistaking it. The sensations were heavenly (as far as I was concerned). His upper body became transparent – and I could telepathically hear him say — she’s coming back – she’s on her way. That’s when he became transparent all the way through and sunk down into me and our energy bodies became one. WOW! For some reason I screamed – St. Louis Missouri (I have NO idea why that line) and as soon as I came back – I wrote down that line and everything was vivid for about 5 min afterwards. I wrote like a mad woman to get it all down.

I realized that I had or should change my panties before I went back to sleep. I did just that and then slept in a wave of peace.

Feeling him inside of me is still very vivid and real.

I want more experiences like that!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. jessica

    hey well i stumbled across this website because i had an astral sex experience and i was looking on the web to find more information about it or see if i could find someone else who has gone through it…im not ashamed of it..but im leary to tell those who call me crazy, and have never went through what i have. im 17 and i would love to share my story with you…

  2. George

    You are not crazy, those who don’t believe you are crazy, they lost their abilities and now they deny them because they are afraid.I myself haved in astral an experience where i maked sex with an entity but it was so fast i couldn’t see it, somehow i feel it making love with me but it was something different, i still remember that it haved so much passion, something that i will not find in this physical world but in astral its heavenly this experience.

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