Astral Sex: An Energy Blob and Sheer Intensity!

Astral Sex: An Energy Blob and Sheer Intensity!

Astral sex is something that I do not get a lot of time to do. But what time is spent in the astral is well worth the time and effort. The other night I went on the astral plane to specifically look for Vincent. I left my body, thought of him and bingo – there I was. He was half asleep in a chair with a book on his chest. I reached out to touch him when I heard a voice tell me not to do that – let him sleep.

I turned and saw this floating energy blob (reminded me of something right out of the original Star Trek, but not as cheesy) that pulsed all of the colors of the rainbow, one at a time. It asked me to follow it. I asked how I could keep up – it told me to reach out what I would perceive to be an arm and lay my hand on it. So I did. As soon as I touched it – a strange, vibrating energy pulsed right through me – in a blink we were out of Vincent’s room and in a place of vastness. There was no beginning – no ending – it just existed everywhere. There was no top or bottom – it just was what it was.

This energy blob extended itself into a very long tube – and turned solid orange. It told me to climb inside. I was rather skeptical and wasn’t too thrilled about going into a cylinder in the middle of no where. It promised me that it wouldn’t hurt and that it was what I was looking for. I asked what it as going to do — it said that it would sexually excite me to the point of an orgasm.

Well – who could turn down an invitation like that? Not me.

As I crawled in – every movement of my energy with its energy caused spikes of super charged energy to run through me – it was like I had my hand on the hood of a charged up race car and the motor was on. When I got to the middle – it told me to lie down. I did and I could feel the tunnel close in around me so that it became a second skin. As soon as it did that, I felt a fire in my sacral chakra. This energy burned with such intensity that my sexual response was immediate and intense. Before I could finish saying – Holy Shit – I slammed back into my body.

I laid there – my heart was beating so fast that I thought I was having a heart attack. I didn’t have to check my body to see if I had an orgasm – I knew I did. My body was trembling like I was submerged in a tub if ice water. It took at least 15 min for my body to chill out.

Once it did – I fell asleep satisfied and exhausted.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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