Astral Projection, Ian, and Candy!

Astral Projection, Ian, and Candy!

Astral projection, Ian 2, and candy…what do you think they all have in common? No — tasting sweet doesn’t count. You can’t taste astral projection silly. Give up?

They are all things that make my tummy flip-flop.

A good piece of candy (specifically anything made with dark European chocolate) will flip-flop me in no time. Yes, I can be that easy. Hell – Ian 2 doesn’t even have to open his mouth for my tummy to get all wonky. Again, I’m easy.

Astral projection – not so easy. But way worth the price of admission!

Many moons ago I decided to do astral projection and travel to see Ian 2. I figured with his crazy-butt schedule, he has some down time and is probably about to do the same thing. Using my favorite astral separation method of rolling out of my body, I separated, and via astral projection I was able to stand next to my bed. I thought of Ian 2 and off I traveled.

I had thought that he would be someplace really cool. But no – I arrived in his bedroom. Which in itself I suppose is cool. But when you have the whole universe at your disposal, a bedroom on our plane of existence is well – blah. But at least he was semi-naked. So there was hope!

He was struggling to astral project. I could see his astral body half-way out but he couldn’t move any further. I did something I’ve never done before on the astral plane, I pulled him out. Yes, you heard me – I grabbed his astral hand and separated his astral body from his physical body. Once he astral projected, he stood there and looked at me for a split second. Then it was HEY! He could see who I was finally (things are a bit blurry when you first separate).

He grabbed my hand and said, “Trust me.”

Next thing I know, I’m in the my version of chocolate bliss. It was everywhere. I thought I died and went to Willy Wonka heaven. It gets a bit blurry here…I remember rolling around in chocolate. Feeding each other chocolate. He did this weird thing of taking a piece of chocolate and placing it in my “body” so that I could take it home with me. Such an odd feeling. Almost like he put a battery in me. But when he did it, my energy shot up so much that I immediately slammed back into my body. Poo.

Chocolate in my energy body. No wonder my tummy does flip-flops!

Astral projection – well worth the price of admission! Once you astral separate, the rest is easy!

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