Astral Pregnancy and Sexual Energy!

Astral Pregnancy and Sexual Energy!

Astral pregnancy. What is it? How do you get it? Is it real? And what does it mean?

In the last month I received three emails on this subject, so I thought I’d touch on it here.

What is astral pregnancy? It is when your astral energy body becomes pregnant with a child.

Can this only happen to women? No

How do you get pregnant in the astral realm? It’s not as it is in the physical realm. Sperm does not meet an egg. There’s no actual sex going on. Instead an astral energy attaches itself to you.

What does it mean? It can mean one of two things: either the astral energy/baby is waiting to be conceived and born by you in this life (actual birth if you are female and sperm donor if male) or it is content to be by your side in this life, even if it means just on the astral side.

How do you know if you are astral pregnant? You display all the symptoms but the actual physical baby being inside. Men, you too get all the symptoms women get when they are pregnant including the hormonal changes and weight gain.

Why can a man get pregnant too? Because in the astral realm we are all just energy/souls. Gender types (male, female) are for humans.

What can you do to break the tie/break the pregnancy? No one wants to walk around feeling like they are pregnant but not actually being pregnant. So you or your partner can actually get pregnant – or you can ask Archangel Micheal to cut the ties that bind and then ask Archangel Raphael to heal the wound. If you do not want to bring angels into the mix, you can imagine yourself cutting the ties and letting the baby go. Then you will want to do energy exercises to strengthen your energy field back up and fix that energy wound.

What affects your energy body effects your physical body. It is not the other way around. This goes not only for OBE sex or astral pregnancy, but happiness, sadness, colds, flu, cancer, heart disease, etc…

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂

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    1. Allie

      Hi Eleni! If you’re astral pregnant it does not mean that you will be pregnant physically. What it may mean is that you feel like you are physically pregnant but are not carrying an actual baby. Take care – Allie 🙂

  1. Phillphillips

    I smoked some weed yesterday and felt like I woke up into a night mare. I don’t know if it was real but it felt as if I was an astral dad. In my heart it was so real. I’m far from ready from having this child in my life. My brain is on the function of very evil things. Bad things 🙁 Feeling like I had this kid keeps me attached to want better, but I don’t want to be attached to something that isn’t real, and go crazy. I’m not sure what to believe. There is evidence to me that asto sex is real.. The person that may have conceived it is far from forgiving me. I don’t blame her I was an ass hole. But I couldn’t control my Astro or spiritual being so well due to impatient and irritating moods. Witch caused pain to this beautiful and kind girl. I never perfected it so she came to me and it has lasted about a a couple weeks or so. If I could count the times I was successful with this asto sex it was maybe 1 time she had cum idk if I did, and then maybe 5 more times after. But smoking that weed made it feel so real that I had a baby.. I heard her, and me being so mean to her. Not the girl the asrto child. It broke my heart. I just need to know if this is real or am I just tripping ? 🙁

    1. Allie

      Hi Phillphillips!

      You can indeed have astral sex and have an astral pregnancy. Energy is real – that’s why it felt so real. The astral baby is not a physical baby so you don’t have to worry there. If this stuff bothers you and you only seem to have it happen when you smoke weed – then you should probably stop smoking weed.

      Best of luck! Allie 🙂

  2. Audreyc

    Not dissing anybody or saying any of this isnt real especially since this doesnt apply to men but ladies if you feel astral pregnancy or having symptoms like you’re pregnant when you’re not please see a doctor it actually could be pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) i have it and it absolutely has the same signs of pregnancy but its due to a hormone imbalance in your body. Again not trying to be offensive just trying to be helpful with my experiences

    1. Allie

      Glad you’re not dissing anyone because that wouldn’t be too cool. So – if you are female and still in your childbearing years – if symptoms persist it is a good idea to see a doctor.


  3. Jadzy

    So I know this guy that I suspect is taking energy from me. He keeps “accidentally” bumping into me and always hovers close to me when I’m very angry, sad, or turned on, but in a creepy, non-supportive way. One time I had missed my period for three months and he bumped into me and seemed to have said telepathically “I am the reason you missed your period.” I have had bizarre dreams of him in a uniform after having an orgasm before bed. Could he have astrally knocked me up? I have not had physical sex in a year, so unless someone raped me in my sleep or something I do not know how I could be pregnant.

    1. Allie

      If you get “knock-up” energy wise – you’re body can mimic a pregnancy but you’re not going to have an actual baby unless you have unprotected physical sex.

      Take care,
      Allie 🙂

  4. Andrea

    I am experiencing what appears to be a “phantom” pregnancy. I have gained over 14#s…all up front…nausea..increased appetite..even the flutters… I have had 3 negative tests and an ultrasound that showed nothing. I had a near death experience in October where I spoke with guides in “person” and with a voice…or “THE” voice. I was hospitalized overnight after the “experience” but released the next day. I have been guided to information that I suffered an emotional I wasn’t injured physically…but the people that were on “site” when I reentered this dimension completely were afraid I was having a heart attack so EMS was called. There is more to all of that but I won’t digress. I don’t appear to be getting larger lately…it fluctuates..but I have been having to buy more elastic. I’m normally about 112 lbs…It has been almost 6 months. I do communicate with angels..they say yes I’m expecting…medical science says no. I am simply really confused and want to have clarity. I would love more children..but…I don’t know what to believe. I don’t want to continue like this for sure. I’m single and was not and am not currently having “relations” with anyone…I am interested in the cutting with archangel Michael.. but I actually have mixed emotions because I kind of already was starting to accept it and it was becoming real..sniff.. I have been receiving spiritual healing as well. The shaman has not picked up anything RE pregnancy in his readings on me card wise…but a lot of heat / healing energy in the area of my root chakra ..I am new to all of this so I thank you so very much for your time in reading this! I don’t know what to tell anyone!

    1. Allie

      Hi Andrea,

      Well, you’re not pregnant in the physical sense. What it sounds like to me – just by reading this paragraph, is that when you had your NDE, you brought back energy from the other side. Could of very well been the energy of a baby you had in a previous life that you are not supposed to have in this life. You can smudge yourself with frankincense or sage a few times to help that energy to let go and go back to the other side where it belongs. Or you can do nothing and keep the energy attached to you. To learn more about charkras – books by Cyndi Dale is an excellent start.

      Take care,
      Allie 🙂

  5. Lillithschild

    Hello Allie! Okay so… I’m in s weird situation; I’m technically a virgin. My astral liver is a guy I met just over a year ago who I love but refused to let him charm my panties off… he moved to the other side of the country to pursue his career, and of course. stayed behind (keeping my virginity). Several months before he moved, he started “plugging” into my private area – which hurt, I don’t mind telling you – and eventually, he was able to have his way with me pretty much every night until he got me pregnant. So my question is this: I’m only in my 7th week… but every time he ejaculates in me, I can feel the baby getting sort of thrown or jarred if you will… I am extremely protective of my baby – astral or otherwise – so is it harmful or dangerous in ANY WAY for he and I to continue having astral sex while I’m pregnant? Thanks sooooo much for any help you can offer❣️

  6. Kerry


    What are your thoughts on drinking and smoking cigarettes while astrally pregnant? I have a nagging feeling that if I was to drink and smoke cigarettes I’d be harming babies. Would it possibly harm the child if it caused​ your vibration to be lowered? I know that these sorts of things do lower your vibration and allow entities to attach that are harmful. I’m wondering if we have a baby attached, then drink alcohol which lowers our frequency to levels where negative entities can attach if it would affect the child attachment.

    If this is possible, then maybe I’ll never drink or smoke again! Please let me know your thoughts. Also what are the ages where the astral pregnancies are normal? Is it a lifetime thing?

    1. Allie

      Hi K!

      Well, smoking is bad for you no matter what – so if you could remove that from the equation that would be awesome for your energy & physical health. You can affect any energy that’s connected to you. Astral babies hang on for as long as you put energy into the energy form. Take care of your health and your energy will be healthy too.

      If you’d like to explore this further, my readings are here:

      Take care,
      Allie 🙂


    Hi.. so I had a psychic tell me that I had 11 demons attached to me.. She said that she got archangels to assist as it was beyond her control.. she informed me that I would get tired (and I did) and then I got stomach pains EXACTLY like the ones that I experienced when I was pregnant!! I then was puking and bleeding quite heavily.(sorry if that is too much information) but immediately MISCARRIAGE came to mind. There is no way that I could be pregnant in the physical BUT I have been having alot of astral sex and I did have sex with a demon (although I was only made aware of the demon part after.) Anyways.. do you think its possible that I had a astral demon baby?!? And when she cleansed me of the demons that is what caused this?

    1. Allie

      Hi AA,

      I’m not going to lie – really unsure about the whole 11 demons thing. I’m not doubting you at all, but the person who told that to you to start with. As humans, we are confronted with negative energy every day – it goes from person to person like a flea until it finds a person who unknowingly lets it stay.

      You could have produced a negatively charged astral baby that was discharged from your energy.

      If you’d like to explore this further, my readings are here:

      Take care,

  8. Todd


    First off I do not smoke cigs or drink liquor or ”smoke weed” wanting to ask u about what happens if a earth virgin ends up in the ASTRAL reaLm from a car crash or whatever, if they get to somehow make up for the loss and are able to still experience that balanced energy merging with a GIRL since they never got to while being stuck on 3D earth

    Thanks much
    Ohio St Univ

  9. Germainy


    Can you tell me if the astral pregnancy leads to astral babies? Then children that will then always be in the astral realm? as your energy lineage?Without ever having to have physical children?

    I have always known from a young age that I was not here to have physical kids . More recently I have found out that my soul mate is a Pleiadian woman that I am to be with and have astral babies and my twin flame who I am in contact with here on the physical realm is to have physical children where I will be their spiritual father.
    Does this make sense to you? I have had some trouble coming to believe it all but things are becoming very real now and just wanted to know what you think?

  10. Maddie🌿

    Hi I’m Maddie first off thanks for making this page for this subject. I’m currently having a cosmic cryptic pregnancy with my twin flame. I’m 3 weeks n a couple of days!! 🙂 and I do have. Couple of questions do you know how long till take in terms of months for it to form I heard it takes longer but idk how long. And what will the birthing experience be like? And also will our physical tummy began to get bigger with our astral bodies because it looks like I’m bloated and I can feel him moving around down there. 🙂 but again thanks for making this page I found it helpful

  11. Eve Rosario

    This makes so much sense! I just found out I’m astrally pregnant with my spirit spouse and I haven’t had my period in over 2-3 months. I’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests however they all come out negative. I’ve been eating and craving like crazy and gaining weight. Thank you for the information!

  12. Amanda

    Hi I just wanted to share my experience with multiple Astral pregnancies that my twin flame and I have been having over the course of several months. My TF/ husband and I have now had 15 babies in the 5-D, each one of my Astral pregnancies have been a little bit different than the next one. By that I mean that I’ve had cravings for the weirdest stuff food and drink wise, but also the length of my pregnancies differ as well, like one will be for 2-wks, whereas my most recent one was only 8 days. Also all of my labors have been intense but short with the exception of this last one that I have previously mentioned above. My TF he and I have conceived 3 sets of twins and one set of triplets, and we are currently expecting another little Astral bundle of joy.
    Also I have had the nausea and feeling the weight of them all in my belly as well as them kicking. I hope this helps 😁

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