If You Have To Ask Me…

If You Have To Ask Me…

Between giving out intuitive advice and relationship/sex coaching, one thing I have learned is if you have to ask me if he/she is the one, then he or she is not. If you have to ask yourself is he or she the one. Guess what the answer is? That’s right — a big fat NO!

Knowing he or she is the one is an emotional feel, not a logical thought. Nothing about love is logical. And why should it be? Love is felt with the heart and stirs the soul. Your brain is no where in there.

Now I can hear what you’re thinking – what about all those relationship we’ve all jumped into without using our brain and it ended sometime later?

Those relationships come about for 2 reasons:

1. You feeling with your sacral chakra – the powerhouse of sexual desire. You’re horny and he or she is attractive.

2. Being with this person is better than the alternative – being alone.

Neither 1 or 2 indicates that this person is the one. There is only 1 thing that will immediately indicate that he or she is the one.

What do you think it is?


Sexual desire?


Nope. Sure all 3 come into play. But the #1 sensation you will feel is…


That’s right — joy. You might not understand where the joy came from or what you’re supposed to do with it — but you will feel it.

Absolutely. Positively. Guaranteed.

That’s how you know!

Then the curiosity kicks in — you want to know more about this person.

The sexual desire kicks in — you wonder what it will be like to rip off their clothes and have them for dinner.

And of course, the love kicks in.

So the next time you meet someone and you’re flooded with joy, strike up a conversation!

Ever meet someone and immediately felt the joy? If so — dish below!

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