Ask Allie, A Double Me and Larry!

Ask Allie, A Double Me and Larry!

I emailed the regressionist today about hopefully connecting me with a regressionist who would want to collaborate on two books – one about Cleopatra VII and the other about Joan of Arc. I think it would be fascinating to many people to understand what made these strong women tick. I know I’m sure interested!! Maybe then I’ll figure out what makes me tick:) I hope he at least considers it and doesn’t hit the delete button ASAP – ya know?

This past weekend was the 5th anniversary for my “Ask Allie” column! Yeah! I started it with only one web site (my own) and now it is on over 70 sites and more are added all the time. Born out of the column is the podcast of the same name. I had another “ah-ha” moment as I was listening to VERTIGO (yes — again) today before the podcast was recorded. Why not make a listener appreciation function where listeners can rack up points redeemable for free items on my site? Each podcast I will mention a code word or a phrase – something from either my column, a book, web site, etc…and people can collect those clues or codes to redeem them for free readings – books – spells – sachets – flower essence or healing. So this is something that I hope to get running next week. But on today’s broadcast I am giving away a free e-book of “Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul” if you email me the code I mention in the podcast.

I keep forgetting to mention that I gave my 1st workshop via teleconference on “Connecting with your Guides and Angels”. It went pretty well. I had the 25 max that I could get on the phone call. It lasted about 2 hours and I’ve had several emails from people with follow-up questions. Which is good since I the questions are free to them and I know that I got them thinking! I’m not sue when I’ll have time to do another one. But I’m looking at April right now.

It’s odd to have Larry – so “right there” in my mind’s eye — so much so that there is no room for Bill and Ted. It’s like — you had your chance suckers now I’m going to connect with her. Larry is very determined – bordering obsessive when he wants something and right now I can feel him want to understand this connection. I too would like to understand it as it still all hasn’t made sense. I mean – I know that I’m right about him, no doubts there, but he’s so “just there” that there has to be a reason – you know?

My “alone time” away from my support network has been lifted! At least NOW I know why it had to be done. Had I not been pulled away I would have never discovered Larry. My mind was so involved with Bill and Ted that it didn’t leave room for anyone else to step up to the mat. So I took – what a month or so – away from the push of Bill and Ted — and Larry finally came through. Plus – I got a lot of work done. Robert jumps into remind me that I’m far from done – and I agree. But it’s nice to be in contact again. I also discovered Cleopatra during this time and that I was splitting or doubling myself and showing up at people’s houses. Unconsciously – my astral self has been talking off, while I’m fully awake and functional like now, and going to talk to people. I don’t know all who I’ve shown up at — but this was a gift that again – wouldn’t have been brought out had I been focused on the guys. Now to get control of this gift so I can consciously split and direct my astral self. Now that’ll be cool 🙂

Off to get my shower and then it’s back to rewriting, “The Black Triangle” while trying to balance a cat on my lap (the outdoor cat, Raisin, that’s not mine – it’s nasty out so I brought him in).

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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