Need money ASAP? Give this a try!

Take the largest coin domination you have – I will use a QUARTER as an example.

With a lighter, drip the bottom wax off of a GREEN CANDLE  into a NON-FLAMMABLE BOWL. Place the QUARTER on top of the MELTED WAX.

Again drip the bottom wax off of a GREEN CANDLE  but this time onto the top of the QUARTER – then place the CANDLE on top of the WAX/QUARTER before it hardens. (the goal is to have the candle stick to the quarter that is stuck to the bowl).

Sprinkle a PINCH each of BASIL, CINNAMON and POWDERED SUGAR around the QUARTER.

Lite the CANDLE as you imagine yourself receiving money quickly.

If the extra money does not arrive in 72 hrs or less – repeat as needed.

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