I still feel like crap. But at least the world isn’t spinning. Now it’s the change of seasons yuck that I get – although today it is supposed to be 90. Next week it’ll be in the low 70’s upper 60’s. I spent the day yesterday at the doctor’s for my son and the vet for Brodie. Each got medicine. For my son – he has a combo allergies & sinus infection. For the dog – I made the vet put him back on his original meds from July – they seemed to work – they just weren’t prescribed long enough. So I have double the amount this time. And what do you know – Brodie didn’t have to snort out the mucus this morning when he got up. So they are working already.

With my son — the battle has begun for school. Wow – he really didn’t want to go. He wants to go to a different school – but he wouldn’t tell me why. I’ll try to get it out of him again tonight. It is probably the back lash from last year when the kids called him the “weird one”. I told him he’ll switch schools soon enough as this time next year we’ll be in CA or NYC. He was happy about that.

I wasn’t on the Maria Shaw show today – they reran last week’s show. Seems that Joe (the producer) is MIA and Maria is driving through the mountains of Tenn. in an effort to make it back to MI after they were both kicked out of NOLA due to the hurricane. Blessings that everyone gets home safe and sound.

I was asked to do a quick session this morning with my healing wand – haven’t done on of those in awhile. As soon as I took the wand and was settled in – I was transported to a large room – looked like a large bedroom. My guide, Andrew, was there. After we exchanged greetings – I asked him where we were – he said watch. So I did and I see me in a long, vintage yellow dress – looks silky – and I was thin! Not skinny mind you – but thinner than I am now with muscle tone! I looked at Andrew and asked if this was me in the next life – he said no — money can buy you an amazing physical trainer. I was like – really? Then George came in – dressed to the nines in a wonderful tux. Andrew said we were off to some awards event that I was nominated for. I was like – wow – how cool is that?

Then he had me sit down and said: Listen – things are going to move for you very fast – very soon. The time might be perfect for you to find romance, but I’m not so sure how much energy you will have for it. Between work, your son and moving. But it will be there if you want it. Where’s Iris – I asked. She’s near by – all of those ideas you are getting now for DREAMERS – that’s her hand in it all. Her time with you is wrapping up and she’s only pushing you so that you don’t miss your window of opportunity to get the ball rolling in your career.

So breathe deep – and enjoy the stillness while it lasts.

And with that he was gone.

I don’t think that I’ll miss any window of opportunity with Iris around – she simply wouldn’t let it happen.

My dreams last night were really intense. They revolved around the crystal skulls and Atlantis. The dream memory that stands out the most has me in a flowing dark blue robe – sitting to a fire pit – talking with my crystal skull Artemis. My hands are very tingly as I hold the skull and the top of my head feels as if it is on fire. She reveals to me a new healing method of crushing a crystal and mixing it with lavender oil. The mixture is then placed on wounds for healing. I am against that I would crush a crystal – knowing there is a spirit inside. Artemis tells me that the crystals gladly give up their existence – it is their destiny in their current lifetime to do so. After the mixture has helped heal the wound, it is to be returned to the soil so that a new crystal could be brought forth. When the new crystals emerge they would be rose and/or lavender in color and exhibit wondrous qualities of love and the psychic sense. The vibrational qualities of Artemis were extraordinary.

It was an amazing skull. I hope I can remember more connections with Artemis.

Crystal Sunshine!

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