Archangel Jeremiel, the 1920'S and Bill!

Archangel Jeremiel, the 1920'S and Bill!

This session was strange. It was suggested for me not to sit with the wand again – but this time I did. I had a real hard time focusing as something kept trying to steer me away. I never did figure out what or who – but it was annoying just the same.

I started by watching Bill write in bed. Looked like a leather bound journal. He’s just writing and writing – head bent over as he concentrates. Then I see him in a car – writing. He chews on the end of the pen and when he is stopped – takes the pen and traces some picture on the driver’s side window – reminds me allot of my trinity pendant. He grumbles about something – crunches up his mouth – sighs and writes on his forearm.

I’m then in the clouds – I look over and it is Archangel Jeremiel. I ask him what is he doing here. He replies that I called on him last night (which I did) to help me strengthen my clairvoyance and prophetic visions. I’m staring at him and he smiles. I tell him that I never expected him in a beard and moustache – but clean shaven. He laughs and says that many people have told him that. I comment that he reminds me a lot of Jesus – he is pleased and honored by my comment.

He asks me if I’m ready to see the future. I tell him yes. He has me sit on an invisible chair and through the clouds I can see a screen – not an actual screen – but something that would represent one. Before he begins – I place my hand on his left arm and ask him if there are things in here that I can change – or is everything sealed. He says I can’t ignore fate. I’m not so sure now that I want to know – especially the bad that I cannot change. He says it’s time.

So I’m getting glimpses of things:

–me and my son living in this house
–hurricane wiping out my dad’s home
–My son running up to Bill (my son is either 5 or 6) and saying “Look mom – it’s Bill” Bill bends down to talk to him. My son says – you and my mom are going to get married. Bill looks at me and smiles. He shrugs and says – kids have been known to be psychic.
–Ted, Bill and I in a log cabin – me on my lap top showing them something

And that’s it. Archangel Jeremiel disappears and now I’m back in the 1920’s where I left off in the last session.

Frank/Bill is pulling me by the arm down a hall and then a wooden staircase (staircase is against the wall – reminds me of a Victorian house) and into a black car – a driver opens up the back door and Frank pushes me in. I’m shaking – a combination of fear and nerves. He says – Sheila, you ain’t nothin` but a whore. He grabs my face and says – but you’re MY whore and ain’t no one gonna ever have ya but me.

With that I woke up.

Now my dad and step mom are moving to Fl – today – and will arrive on Sat – one day before Wilma hits their home. They are in Punta Gorda and right in the path. Dad went down a month ago – to start his new job and took the cats and birds with him. So when he steps off the plane today in Ohio – the cats and birds are still in FL. Dad, step mom and the dogs are leaving today to drive down. Needless to say they’re worried and now so am I.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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