Another Powerful Session!

Another Powerful Session!

Another powerful session with Cindy – read on!

When I meditate – I usually do so with my healing wand and another stone – and around me, 3 crystals. Lately, along with the wand, I’ve been sitting with my Moldivate. But today – a stone spirit that I haven’t been in touch with for some time, a Red Hematite Quartz, was almost jumping up and down for me to take it. So I did.

Boy, what a start I had. I entered next to a wonderful pond, with 3 sides of it enclosed by a cliff. Green grass, butterflies, many dragonflies and it was peaceful. I wondered where I was and I looked to my right and on the edge of the pond sat two people. One in a worn out skirt and faded, colorful blouse – dark skin, long blackish/brown hair. The man was in a German uniform. His black dress jacket with many medals lie next to him. His tie off, his shirt open at the collar. The two were deep in conversation. I approached. They didn’t see me as I was in spirit form. The two laughed and you could tell there was genuine feelings for one another.

When I was standing right behind the woman (her back still to me), I almost had a heart attack. It was Ted in the uniform. A wave of recognition – I was the gypsy woman. I don’t know how this happened, but I eased myself into “her”. I looked right at Ted and said “Christian?” He replies “Jeta?” I must of had my mouth open cause he just looked at me and asked what’s wrong? I tried to recompose myself and asked if he wanted to swim as it was VERY hot out. He laughs and says “You know I don’t swim”. I reply that I will teach him. He smiles. I look down at my arm and see the tattoo “Z 1834”. I was a gypsy, part of the holocaust and with an SS soldier. This is a scene RIGHT OUT OF my script (characters, and location). Before I could investigate any more – a light was shining bright from my right. I exited her/my body and walked towards it. I really didn’t want to go I wanted to watch the couple. But I knew I had too. Before I stepped though, the numbers “Z 2635” came to mind. I don’t know why or who it belonged to.

I exited and I entered into another memory – this time I know right away that I am in Atlantis. I am in one of the crystal healing temples. Light streaks in and lands on the many patients. In the center is a triangle – it’s a crystal, but it alternates between clear and a light pink. In the center is an eye. Reminds me exactly what used to be on the back of the dollar bills.

Two servant girls, bow to me, I bow back – this surprised them. They tell me that Athena requests my presence immediately. I arrive with Bill and Ted. There is a discuss in that we all know the destruction of Atlantis is near. We have been chosen to fill the record stones, seal and secure the time capsule. I see us each taking large crystal tablets and placing our hands on them – sending memories of Atlantis: healing, weather, culture, origins, etc…into them. One memory that came to surface as we did this was the weather. We had a way of placing the crystals on top of a weather platform to control weather patterns. How we placed the crystals – and then a small chant – would determine what weather we needed. This wouldn’t be done often – only when needed. There are a group of about a dozen stones, that site around a large crystal cylinder that were placed the tablets into…the time capsules – Bill, Ted and I sit around and pour all of the knowledge of us – who we are – our gifts/powers -location of the time capsule, how to open the capsule, etc….into the stones.

Next thing I know – we are in an pyramid – it has an eye in the stone over the door. We are walking down many steps until we get to a stone door. I place a stone into the stone eye next to the door and the door opens. I’m staring at the stone I used for the key and I realize that it is the stone in my hand right now in hand – the red quartz! The current stone is a little more worn down – but otherwise looks exactly the same – I know its the same stone. We enter into this small room. Place the cylinder in the center – around it 3 crystals. We join hands and our voices hit a certain pitch as we sing the same 5 cords over and over again. As we do this, the time capsule shimmers from view and the 3 crystal lower into the sand. When we open our eyes, the room looks empty and we know our job is complete.

I then see another light to my right and I go to it – I end up in my meadow. I can smell the lilac’s – they smell sooooo good. There is no one around. Then materializing in front of me is the thousands of angels – as far as the eye could see. Archangel Gabriel approaches me and then kneels. All the other angels kneel. This makes me very uncomfortable and I ask what are they doing? They’re angels – they don’t kneel to me – a human. Gabriel smiles – there is so much white light and love right now circulating that it is mind boggling. Gabriel says that I am no mere human – that it is I, along with Bill and Ted, who will restore a balance to the world. Next thing I know – Bill and Ted are right next to me.

Jesus arrives. He places his hands on my head and comments that there are no more obstacles in my path, nor in Bill’s or Ted’s. That we are to continue with his work. We are to heal the masses. To bring peace and harmony to the world. I ask Jesus to remove any self-imposed obstacles and to restore any faith that has been lost. He does so for all 3 of us. I kiss Bill and then Ted. Jesus says Bill and I will be together and the combined power will be staggering and all consuming. We will not be who we are today. When Ted joins us by year’s end – we will start to fulfill our destiny. I ask about my gypsy script – I figure – what the heck? Jesus smiles and responds within the year.

I then come out of it with a power rush:)

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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