I’m getting pulled in rather late today for this session. I spent the day beating my head against my desk because I STILL couldn’t post to this blog or to my podcast — very frustrating!! Robert kept reminding me to be patient….take a breath…there’s a reason. Guides, sometimes you just want them to lose their temper to show that at one time they were human:)

This is teaching me more patience, not like the whole waiting for Bill to do something, isn’t enough already. Oh well, what can one do besides go crazy? LOL!

Robert keeps whispering in my ear to come on — so I guess I had better go.

I’m in a bookstore. An old bookstore, one that has to be at least a few hundred years old. I’m scanning the titles behind the glass and can read that they have the full original Nancy Drew collection – 1st print all in good condition with their dust jackets. This is a collection that I would LOVE to own someday. Off in the corner is something that is giving off light. So I go to investigate. It is a globe, made out of precious gems. But this globe isn’t modern, it looks to be a few thousand years old – at least. I look around to see if anyone sees it but me – but the few other people I can see don’t pay any attention. On the other side of the globe is a soft glow. I turn it and glowing is Egypt – inlaid in ruby. Off to the upper left there is a group of three islands – make from crystal and they are called Atlantis. To the left of Atlantis lies a large island, inlaid with lapis – this is Lemuira. The whole globe is glowing and I place my hand on it. I’m surrounded by a white light and it feels like I get sucked into a vacuum.

I’m in a white gown with gold, my hair is swept up on top of my head. I have something gold in my hair – like a pin. There’s no one around – there’s nothing, just all white. I see a chair off in the distance so I go to it – it looks like a throne seat, but rather cushy. I glance around, no one here. I sit in it. This is when the white disappears and suddenly I’m in a room that is an outside room – like a outside throne room. The temperature is perfect. I young boy brings me a plate of some kind of fruit and bows so far over that his nose had to be in the sand. I glance around – suspicious like – as I know I’ve never been some queen. I get out of this seat and in my bare feet walk out of this outside throne room. As I pass people they drop to their knees. I look out on a large river – there are barges on it. I look and the same man who was in another vision of mine (the one with the ruby sphere and me writing on a scroll) comes over and tells me that I’m needed in the map room. Before I can take a step the whole scene disappears and I’m myself, back in the bookstore.

Robert is leaning up against the cabinet that houses the Nancy Drew books. He asks if I enjoyed myself. I ask – enjoyed what? You showed me something that I can’t possible have any part of and then whisk me back here. AND I really don’t know anything. I know you are intrigued Robert says. Well of course I am…I always am. He smiles and tells me this is one I’ll have to figure out for myself – just as I did Joan because I wouldn’t believe it otherwise. I ask him if he could send someone to me to start regressing me into these lives. I need a 2nd party to do all this, ask the right questions and take it all done. He says that the right one will show up in time – and that it is sooner than I think.

He tells me that I have to get the other 3 books done. So I ask him – I thought you wanted me to concentrate on the guys. he says – yes I do. How can I do both? His reply – you are not given anything you cannot handle. He just tells me – to write and be prepared. With that he leaves and I’m back in Ohio trying to figure out if and when I can post this.

I received two more books today on Astral Projection: “The Secret Soul” by Buhlman, and “Mastering Astral Projection” by Bruce and Mercer. Since I keep being nudged at to get very good at this – I’m trying to practice. It tough to find the time – but I’m trying.

I wonder if Bill or Ted had any intense feelings today? I know I did – intense and powerful. Came out of no where…..sound familiar guys?

I really am finally caught up with my screenwriting classes – yeah Allie! Now to get caught up on book #3!

Let’s pray that this posting snafu gets fixed….and soon!

BTW…if you don’t see me for a few days on the blog or don’t see a new posting of the podcast on a Monday (Tuesday at the latest) then you know it’s the software as if I go anywhere – I let you guys know. You can always catch my podcast from iTunes – do a search for “Ask Allie”.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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