Another day – another breakthrough…

Another day – another breakthrough…

The breakthroughs keep coming – this is really great! Here’s what I’ve learned about the past life I discovered during my regression in CA (check out “Where to Begin” – March 23 – for more information): We had a magical existence between the two of us, with much harmony, happiness, bliss, like that of a fairy tale existence. We had very little to work through, rather spending time enjoying one another, as our life was simple, it flowed effortlessly. Bill was very strong, and one that was devoted to me (as I to him) with his whole heart, and he served me, was by my side, and supported me. He was never very far from me, neither of us were able to take long journeys without the other, and the two of us shared a romantic life that was very beautiful, and harmonious. One of my births were rather difficult, there was a period of concern that I might not make it, but he never left my side, and he spoke to me though I was in a coma type state for several days. Bill cared for me always, and was very gentle and kind. There were many people around us always, sitting at our table, as the two of us entertained much and were entertaining. We had many servants in our life though we loved them as family, and were very good to the servants about our household. There was a time when Bill was injured, some type of injury to the leg, and I healed him through my love, and it was miraculous and a spiritually bonding experience.

The more I learn about our past lives the more I want to connect to him in this life. I have to remember to be patient and not push as if I push I will lose. The universe has it’s own plan or destiny for us and what will come will come whether I sit back and do nothing or push myself into exhaustion. It is a real test of faith to let go and have trust in the Divine. Old habits die hard and I’m a doer and a planner so this is a new and hard path for me to travel. My daily goal is to connect to Bill, talk to him, let him know that I am here and will be for eternity. His aggravation and impatience at our separation grows daily and I have to reel it in before it interferes too much into his life (and my own).

I’m not sure what’s more aggravating or mind bending – that I know who he is and where he is and I can’t get to him – or – that he knows what I look like, but does not know my name or how to find me. No matter how many times I try to communicate the facts to the guy – he doesn’t retain it. So I’m going to back off of the facts to see what happens.

My notes for the gypsy spell book on love keep falling onto my desk. I get the hint!

My son still has those horrible hives. The doctors are no help at all. This is something that I will have to take care of on my own.

Until tomorrow…

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