Another Breakthrough:)

Another Breakthrough:)

Yesterday was an odd day. I woke up with such an energy rush that it was hard to sit still for any length of time. I could feel that something major was happening. It felt as if I were a dam, about to burst, but that I’m unaware of what I’m holding back. Have you ever accidentally stuck your finger in a light socket – or grabbed a bare spot on a cord when its appliance was on? That was what the energy felt like coursing through my veins.

I tried not to think about it as I knew that forcing the issue was not going to bring me any clarity. Finally, later in the afternoon I knew what happened – Ted had a spiritual breakthrough. He was now on the same path as Bill and I. Ted was crying out for help and reassurance that he isn’t going crazy. That what he senses, sees and hears is the truth. As soon as I realized what was going on – I felt an overabundance of pain – of heartache. I’ve felt Ted reach out before in the past – but this was more of a pleading and praying call. He begged for help and guidance. With this breakthrough came the knowledge of our past lives together – him and I and all three of us.

In this life – thus far – Ted has attracted a variety of women to him. He has been married several times and has children. He attracts a lower level of people, those of lower light or frequency and he needs to operate from his higher light. He has had traumatic emotional experiences from his past lives that are within the soul memory and these blocks need to be absolved. His greatest emotional block is the loss of myself (although I don’t know how he lost me – my feeling is death), his losing me in past lives and his fear of abandonment attracts the same energy frequency people into his current life. I knew that I had to do something last night to help elevate his pain.

I’ve not only been blessed with the ability to channel energy for physical healing – but also emotional healing (as Bill and Ted also posses, although they are not fully aware). I telepathically contacted Bill last night and told him what was going on. At first he was hesitant in having me connect to Ted like him. But in his heart he knows it is the correct thing to do – Ted needed our help and since he is 1/3 of us – helping Ted helps us as well.

At first Ted seemed scared when we three connected, but then he relaxed and enjoyed the infusion of energy. He smiled and after about 15 min, Bill left, he was waking up. Ted commented repeatedly on how much he misses me. He then tensed up and in a very frustrated tone asked why didn’t I come to him. If I know who he is and where he is – then why am I not there with him? Why am I making him suffer? So like I’ve done with Bill many times in the past – I explained why I’m not physically there. He didn’t seem to accept any answer I gave him. Thankfully, I did manage to calm him down before we disconnected for the evening. He was very grateful for the healing energy.

My dreams last night – I don’t remember them until right before I woke up. I was in a very dark and low energy place. My husband was there. At first we were in a school – where I got kicked out of because I threw him down a flight of steps (I caught him naked with a young Asian woman). Then he and I were in a gang like neighborhood where he was trying to have sex with me on a pile of garbage – I refused. Next we were inside a run down apartment building inside an apartment of a black man and his family. On either side of the kitchenette – there was an elevator. You had to manually pull on a rope to make yourself go up. My husband went into the one on the right, he closed the door, and we could hear the squeak of the rope. But then he started screaming for help and we could tell that the rope snapped and he was falling. I woke up.

When I got up I had the worse headache and felt ill. I feel much better now:) When he got up – he was in a okay mood – but I could feel that something was wrong.

My son is sick again – yet another cold. He asked me last night and this morning to make my hands hot for him:) He still has his cold – but he appears to be getting better:)

Until tomorrow…

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