Another Amazing Session!

Another Amazing Session!

I had another mediation session with Cindy. This was yet another powerful experience!

When I entered, I was immediately taken to a large, old church. I entered through the front doors. At the end of a very long aisle, there was a man at the alter. He was on his knees on the steps. His shoulders heaved up and down. He sobbed the most gut wrenching sobs I’ve ever heard. I slowly approached and I realize it was Ted – dressed as clergy – back in the Joan of Arc days. I went to place my hand on his left shoulder, but my hand went right through. I looked at myself and realized I was transparent – in spirit form.

I looked up and Bill approached him, dressed as a Cleric. He tries to give Ted comfort in my (Joan’s) death saying that he had no choice – he had to go along with everyone else. His life and the lives of his family was at stake. Joan understood – she finds no fault with you. Ted’s wailing that he would rather be dead than to have Joan gone. Ted pulls out a knife and goes to stab himself in the stomach. Bill grabs it and there is a struggle. By accident – Ted stabs Bill, killing him. Ted freaks out – has a complete and total breakdown. I try to put my arms around him and I keep saying that it was an accident. I see Bill’s spirit form next to his body. He looks at me and smiles. As my arms encircle Ted – it’s like I fall through him and into my meadow.

There’s no one in the meadow. I look around and am saying “Hello?” Finally, I see Archangel Gabriel approach me. She asks how I’m doing. I mention that I could use some extra faith right now about Bill. She smiles. Out of nowhere – arrives my army of angels to surround me. Gabriel places her hands on my head. She goes on to say that I know what is truth as I’ve witnessed Bill getting the letter, reading the letter, making the phone call (and sounding very desperate for me to hop on a plane right now) and my physical reunion. What I see is truth. We are Divinely blessed and our time has come. No fears. No worries. I started to ask about that pit in my stomach again – and I am reminded that it is my soul’s excitement at the anticipation of the meeting. Bill is going through the exact same thing….he KNOWS that a life-changing event will happen on Friday. I am surround too, by the Archangels. All angels are pouring white light and love into me.

I ask about Ted. Gabriel nods her head off to my right, I turn and Ted is sitting against a tree. She whispers he needs forgiveness and all the angels disappear. I walk over to Ted – he doesn’t know I’m there. Or actually- he can sense something, but doesn’t know what. He is smoking a cigarette. I kneel in front of him and look into those amazing eyes. I tell him that he is forgiven – that I understand why he did what he did in regards to me (Joan)- that Bill was an accident. That we both love him more than life itself. Tears pour down his face and he leans his head against the tree, closes his eyes.

Jesus appears and I ask him for help. He replies that I do not need his help. I smile and respond that if I didn’t need his help he wouldn’t of shown up. He laughs at that. I send light/love into Ted the same time Jesus does. I can see a black gunk coming out from the middle of Ted’s body and floating upwards to disappear. When the blackness is gone – Ted is done crying. Jesus says that the blockages have been removed. That now Ted needs his faith restored and to do that I must love him.

Ted tells me that he loves me and I tell him that I love him too. He begs for me to be with him physically – I say soon.

I hear the Divine tell us to go in peace and love.

I come out of it.

Before I went to work out – I had a calling from the woman who is in a coma (brain dead) and is 30 weeks pregnant. She wanted me to help her husband Jason, and to keep the cancer away from her baby. I arrived at the hospital – she is hooked to so many machines. I see her husband by her bed side holding her hand. I kneel in front of him and stare into his green eyes as I affirm that God has not left him that he is loved. I then send white light/love into him.

I turn to the Susan and place my hands inside of her uterus. I create a wall of white light around the uterus to stop any cancer from approaching. I then send an amazing beam of light/love into that wonderful gift of life. I blow a kiss to the baby. When she is all a glow – I am finished. I surround Susan and her husband with white light and I come home. Susan is still here and I tell her to go back and take care of her husband and baby. She says thank you and leaves.

I’m not as jittery as I’ve been all week – but I still do feel like my nerve endings are on the outside of my skin! My physical body is finally adjusted to my new spiritual awareness and healing power! Yea!

This has been a good day thus far!!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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