Where Is Your Anchor?

Where Is Your Anchor?

No matter who we are or what our lives currently look like, we have an anchor out there somewhere. That anchor keeps us tethered to more than just a local, but a train of thought. Our train of thought is everything. It influences our mood, our outlook on life, what we see or don’t see during the day.

If your anchor is someplace negative, your thoughts, emotions, and what you see in life will be negative. It is difficult to appreciate the beauty of a rose if all you see are its thorns.

If the anchor is in a place that is not productive (which is all negative place) your life hits a wall – you stalemate – tread water – and nothing moves forward.

The good thing about anchors is we’re the one who drops them. Therefore, we can also raise and lower the anchor someplace else.

To find out where your anchor is dropped:

  1. For 24 hrs be consciously aware of what you think, what you see, how your emotional state is.
  2. Do yourself a favor and jot down notes throughout the day. You might see sunshine and roses at 10 am, but by the time you get to 2 pm and see fire and brimstone, you’ll forget the 10 am observation.
  3. At the end of the 24 hrs look through your notes. More positive or negative thoughts, emotions, or worldview?

If you find more negative, time to raise the anchor and find another port to call home!

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