An Urgency, A Puzzle And The British!

An Urgency, A Puzzle And The British!

I can feel an urgency. A major ass push coming from Ted. He’s jumpy, on edge, nervous, anxious…..his voice keeps telling me that I have to understand. There’s something I haven’t or won’t see. I can tell it is just so important that I get this last puzzle piece. This blockage that is keeping us apart. It’s almost as if I say a code word and the door will swing open. There’s a clock ticking down and once it reaches zero…well that’s it.

I’m good at puzzles, mysteries — always have been. I had a Jr. Detective kit as a kid, read all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. I figure out the suspense thrillers before I reach half way. I’ve always been good at it. But why can’t I see what is supposed to be so plain in front of me? I keep hearing — a mix up. A switch.

The universe has put in front of me — the British. Is this my sign? Is this what I’m supposed to be clueing in on? My little sister marries a man from Manchester England. My other sister’s favorite place in the world is London and she would kill to marry a British man. My business partner – in London – British. One of my best friends in the whole wide world is moving to — you got it — London in October. In June, the Robert Bruce workshop — he’s British (living in OZ).

I don’t know — I really don’t know. This is something that I need to sleep on. I’m going to ask for some guidance during dream time. The question I will pose is : what am I being told that I’m not getting?

If there’s anything to report, I’ll let you know in the morning…..

Sweet Dreams!
CS – Allie:)

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