An Upcoming Shift, Dreams & Radio Show!

An Upcoming Shift, Dreams & Radio Show!

I’ve done nothing this weekend but chill with my kid and play Halo 3 on the X-Box. I did manage though to actually update my Cheat Peeps web site/blog – with some more stuff on me and a change in prices. I need to hire someone to do blog postings on affairs, cheating, divorce, online dating and so forth. I just don’t have the time to do that – which is blatantly obvious by my lack of attention to the site.

Fingers crossed for Thursday – this is when my show is being pitched to Nickelodeon. Send positive vibes please!! I wish I could tell you more about it — but right now I can’t. That said — it’s such a cool idea that even my mother loved it. And she’s very hard to impress.

Depending on the outcome of my show – whether or not Nickelodeon and/or Disney turn it down or try to pick it up – will help me to decide whether or not to go for my PI license. It’s something I’d be damn good at – but if I’m doing the show, there won’t be any time to be a PI, so why get the license? If both networks say no – then the universe is trying to send me in another direction. Maybe I was a detective in a past life and that’s why I love it so much? No idea.

Over the weekend (and last Friday) I did look around Live Person and even do a few readings. Revamped Keen a bit too. Let me tell you – I’m shocked at what I see. The prices the psychics/readers are charging is unreal. And that someone would pay it? Oh good Lord! I saw some at 6.99/minute – others at 9.99/minute and still others at $16.00/minute! I think $4.99 is too much! I’m at $1.99 for now, and I’m sure it will go up. But gosh – $16.00 a minute? Granted – psychics need to charge for their services – no doubt about it. But isn’t some of this greedy? I don’t know — seems like some are in it more for themselves than to help other people — it just ain’t right. But in all professions there are people who are into it more for themselves — these people usually get stuck or find themselves backed into a corner with no place to go — especially when they need help. Oh well….

I just finished with The Unexplained World ( and had a blast – knew I would. When I logged on my phone came up as straight 11111111 against the board and at the same time of my connection – I lost my internet. Gave the 3 hosts and Ed’s wife sexual energy readings. I love doing those! If you click on the link you’ll be taken right to the show’s page and the show I was on is the one that pops up & plays. Will be that way for the next 2 weeks – you can also download it to your MP3 player. They talked about me going back – looking forward to doing just that.

I wanted to write in the blog tonight (this morning) as I’m not positive I’ll have a chance mid tomorrow. Brodie (the black lab) is not doing well. He still is struggling to breathe – he’s in a constant stage of panting. So I’ll be calling the vet 1st thing in the morning. I know the universe will have my back – but dang I hope I can afford the next onslaught of medical bills.

I need to move my office into the bathroom. I told my son that and he almost birthed a cow – lol. But really – I get my best story ideas, visit from guides/angels/deceased – plus “ahh ha” months + OBE Sex in that dang bathroom. Anyways – this time my “ah ha” had to do with dreams. The dream world is comprised of an infinite number of dimensions (kind of like the show SLIDERS or STAR GATE) where every door, window or mirror can be a portal to another dimension. And something in one dimension may not look the same in another dimension even though you’re in the same spot in both dimensions. So when you are in a dream and you have a random series of events happening to you as you travel through this dream – you are going through portals to different dimensions and while landing at the same “sector” as the previous dimension, the lay of the land is completely different (or in some cases slightly) because of how that dimension is run. That’s why at times we have some whacked out dreams of seaminglessly random things happening during a dream – we’re dimension hopping. Once I realized that (as I was sitting on the potty last Friday) my jumbled dreams actually weren’t so jumbled and didn’t feel that way upon awakening.


I also realized that I’m so dang blessed with the people I know — that I could just do a happy jig! No – I’m serious. I’m blessed and I thank all of you for making me that way:)

Also – depending on the outcome of Thursday/Disney/Nick – I may add a weekly live radio show to my mix. I keep getting the urge to do that. I don’t know. Would you listen? Would you listen to that and the podcast? They’d be 2 separate shows. I’m rather attached to my weekly rambling podcast and I’d hate to give it up. Maybe have the live radio do reading too – chat about sex and have a guest on? Maybe a co-host or a slew of regular guests? Hummm…..

I have a headache coming on — must mean a visit from one or all of the guys. I discovered that I can get burned out by the guys. All of them – doesn’t matter who. I must put up a wall – or maybe they do – when we’ve had enough of one another. My wall came down – I’m ready to rock and roll again.

I feel that shift coming up. I should be sleeping – but I’m not. Granted – my energy is up from the radio show – but normally I’d be in bed now sleeping. When I’m awake — that means a shift – headache – shift. Something good is coming my way! Ya-hoo!

In case you guys didn’t know or forgot — I will be in New Orleans Aug 2 & 3 for Maria Shaw’s psychic fun fair: 2220 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA, 11a.m. to 5p.m., Admission $10 includes hourly lectures, Readings $10. REALLY looking forward to this. As you know I only do in person readings at these fairs – the next one won’t be until the end of Oct.

Three books I need to find time to write: OBE Sex (finish), Psychic Scams & 101 Ways To Bust Your Partner (meaning cheating/affairs).

BTW — thanks for the great reading ideas! I’ll take them all into consideration.

And on that note I’m going to force myself to go to bed — I have to get up at 6:00 am and it’s midnight!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

PS: Brodie looked better this morning – he isn’t panting ALL the time. But I still made an appointment for him for Friday!

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