An Innocent Question, The Guys And Cheat Peeps!

An Innocent Question, The Guys And Cheat Peeps!

My kid and I are driving back home from his allergist appointment. It’s only a 5 min trip – but it was one of the longest of my life today.

So my son asks — how does a man and woman make a baby? I cringed. He’s 7 for God sake — isn’t it too early to wonder? But like me — he’s always curious and loves to seek out answers. So I plunged in with a man has little fishy things and a woman has an egg – they get together and bingo — a baby starts to form. A fish mom? Like the kind you eat (yes my mind went directly to oral sex but I didn’t go there). No honey – more like tadpoles (I secretly prayed that this conversation would end. No such luck.) How do the tadpoles come out? From a man’s hands? Oh crap — how do I handle this one – SIGH – let’s jump into the truth — from a man’s penis. Oh — what happens to the pee then? I don’t know honey – I’m not a man. Why don’t you ask your dad?

So does the egg crack inside of the mom and then the baby grows. Yes I said (I know – a little white lie). But mom – how do the tadpoles get to the egg?


He looked…

..I zoomed into the driveway and parked the car.


Let’s go play the x-box! I shouted.

Alright mom!

Situation defused.

This last week has been very hectic. So much to do and not enough time to get it all done. So I’ve had to prioritize — work that I get paid to do 1st and if there is time – free stuff 2nd. This is why the blogs, podcast and the AA column are all way behind.

As I was putting my PR together for the Cheat Peeps release — I remembered something that Ethan said (from May 21st 2007):

“In a couple of months my career is going to take an interesting twist. What kind of twist – I ask. Ethan says a good twist and one that builds on the foundation I already have laid for myself. And -he says – it will take the ease considerably off of my money woes. I like that idea greatly! But he says he can’t tell me what and he can’t tell me when as I may stop doing what I have to do in order to bring it about. He stresses again — keep writing! So I will – I will! He says that when I make it through the next several months that Ted will be waiting for me – that he will be on the other side of these tough times just like he said he would. And if things get so stressful that I find it hard to breath – just remember that simple fact — Ted will be there when it’s over.”

Although I’m investigating for CP – there is a fair amount of writing involved — I wonder?

I posted in the OBE Sex blog a reading I got from Tracey about the guys — what can I say — I love readings. But I didn’t post all of it and I omitted Will and Matt. Here’s it all – I love it when I have my knowledge conformed:)

We see that Bill has absolutely no control over his sexual thoughts, visions and urges and you are literally sexually on his mind continually. He is trying to focus his mind elsewhere but the more he tries not to think of the telepathic/dream sex encounters the more he thinks of them and it seems they can come up at the most inopportune times for him. He is finding himself having constant sexual thoughts. He cannot seem to stop the strong sexual influence that these encounters are having upon him. He is transmitting energy towards you and it is very strong and his emotions are up and down and his sexual urges are constant. His thoughts are so erotic and he keeps seeing scenes in his mind and he has to satisfy himself, relief or pleasure himself if you will in order to gain some amount of relief. The visions are very intense. When he has the encounters he feels very tired as if he has just had a sexual encounter. He feels very vulnerable right now and very connected to you in a way that he cannot really describe though he is writing about it. The feelings that are coming over him are very powerful and the sexual encounters very real.

Ted is experiencing similar issues with his sexual thoughts and urges except that he is so sensitive that he experiences orgasms at the time of the encounters almost always and sometimes when he thinks of the experiences. He is experiencing some serious urgings and longings for you though not just sexually. These are emotional, mental, physical and so much deeper and more intense than they have been in the past. He is so sensitive in a sexual way
that he has great sensitivity in his groin area – is very sensitive to touch and is finding himself having different sex partners trying to relieve some of his extra sexual energy and sensitivity. He is having a sexual peak in his life, and he is enjoying the feelings and sensations, but he longs for you. He has experienced some depression and feelings of incompleteness, loneliness, and a great deal of anxiety in the past few weeks. He seems to be coming out of it now but wishes he did not have to deal with some of the headaches of his life. There seems to have been some trouble between him and his kids as well as some issues in the career. In the career there are people that aggravate him and he often lets it go but recently spoke his mind. He seems to hate when he does that as it does not gain merit for his career but it relief’s some of his hostilities towards people who aggravate him greatly. He has been speaking to you or trying to talk to you about things going on in his life and is unsure you are hearing him or that his words are being received, are reaching you.

We see that Will enjoys his telepathic dream encounters with you. He smiles with the thought of these, of you, has a sunny disposition because of them. It is like you are a ray of sunlight in his life guiding him and he is consciously aware that you are with him and a part of his journey though he is not quite sure the how and when of things. He seems to think about these encounters and to do so bring him pleasure. He has been very happy lately, in the past months, and your energy and light have brought him creative inspiration and ideas, concepts, thoughts, and he is connecting some of these to you and waiting for you to enter his life at the right time. There is a knowing within that you will arrive in his life. He feels secure and happy about this knowingness.

Matt is somewhat behind the others right now as we see there is much on his mind as of late. He has some personal issues as well as career affairs that he is working on right now. He is having trouble remembering his dreams, though there are some that are so vivid that he does not forget. He remembers your face, your smile, your dark hair, the shape of your eyes – he cannot get this image out of his mind. He seems to know you – to know he knows you. He is trying to figure things out more, to understand. He feels a little crazy as some visions and or dreams are reoccurring and he is trying to understand the meaning of these. He seems to be distracted and is not as focused on things as he should be because he thinks about these much of the time. He feels a little lonely, alone, removed from others right now. He needs more work or money.

The dream state is busy. There is lots going on as you sleep. We see that you are to focus on things outside your ordinary arena of awareness though it is not important that you remember your dreams. You are overcoming barriers in your dream state. There is no conscious effort on your part that is needed. Let go of any frustration about not remembering. Your concern for the daily world is drifting away and the soul looks forward to dream time because you shut off the internal voice, dialogue of the daily concerns if you will. You are going to gain greater energy as you are letting go of negative energy, old energy, freeing space for positive energy, while receiving sleep time, rest, rather than having to consciously participate and be aware of dream details. If there is anything that requires your special attention you will
be consciously made aware of it thus worry not that you are missing anything. There is nothing that you should be writing down at this time.

Matt being behind is a given – he was the last one to jump on board. I am absolutely certain that I will physically meet Will this year. Don’t know how or exactly when – but it doesn’t matter. Bill and Ted — what I wouldn’t do to tie them up on a bed and have my way with them – lol! My dream state is off the charts. Odd that I’m really not al that tired.

Speaking of which — better get to bed:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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