An Energy Mass, A Gateway And Lemuria?

An Energy Mass, A Gateway And Lemuria?

I tried multiple times to do a session yesterday, wasn’t happening. On the other hand, I had no more hangover feelings to cloud the day — that was a GOOD thing;)

I adopted myself a small black star sapphire sphere and he arrived yesterday. He’s about the size of a marble, but he carries with him one heck of a punch. There is a star on two ends of the sphere and if I look him in the light, I can also see traces of ruby. So I guess you could call this a star sapphire/ruby sphere. He really wants me to use him in today’s session, so I think that I will do just that!

I, of course, had my session first and then am typing this up afterwards. I can’t type and hold a stone spirit at the same time:) I was taken into a vast darkness. One by one I could see little lights, spring up until the darkness was not a complex matrix of lights and colors — I discovered that I was in the Universe. I’m right by two stars or planets (not sure which), one is blue and the other is violet. I tried to look at me, but realized that I had no body – no arms, legs, nothing — I was just a big ball of energy. A strange feeling it was, but also comforting. I hear a male voice ask me if I wish to see more. I say yes. The voice tells me not to be frightened, that all will become clear to me. I comment that I’m not frightened, just apprehensive. The voice says something about let me power flow through me for what is feared, blocks the path.

In the quickness of light, I arrive at what I would call a gateway. It reminded me a lot of a black hole, but instead of the blackness, there was a very bright brilliant white light, about the same color as a moonstone. The circumference of the hole was not jagged, but perfectly smooth, with a silvery tint to it. I zip in and immediately it feels like I am on the drug trip of a lifetime with more hallucinations than one could shake a stick at. In the blink of an eye the ride was over and I emerged, as a human. I turned around to see where I had just come from and the exit way was not there. What was there behind me was an entrance way to a cave, but I know that in front of this cave was where I just emerged from.

I look down at myself and I am in some sort of blue dress, nothing on underneath, bare feet — with the bottom of the dress arriving mid thigh. I feel my head and my hair is up and there is some sort of object on my head. But before I could figure out what it was, Ted arrives. He is dressed in a very elegant, but modest royal blue robe. At first glance he looked like royalty, but not as one would see a royal person today – with all the flash and flair. He asked me how my trip went. I stammered out something I think. He asked if I was well, my energy is off he says. What was I frightened about – he asks. I try to cover up that I don’t know what is going on — but the look on his face showed me that I wasn’t getting very far. He tells me that we have to hurry and have me dressed proper. I asked him if he had been through the gateway. He had such an odd look on his face – you know that I have, he says.

Ted cups my face in his hands. I tell him that I’m fine, things were just moving fast and I’m being forgetful. In the back I can see someone in a dark green robe, but that’s it. Ted says to me, I hope that you haven’t forgotten this — and he kisses me.

And I’m done. Now I forgot to add that all conversations were done telepathically. Between me and the voice and between me and Ted.

I wonder if this session has to do with the Star Princess/Priestess item I picked up on as well as Lemuria or Atlantis???

I will not be doing a session tomorrow morning before I leave, unless something or someone calls me to it. I don’t have plans as of now to get online while I’m gone – but I am taking my lap top.

I’ll let you know how it all goes this weekend – the workshop and the PLR:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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