January 16, 2012

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**Topics For Today’s FREE Advice**

1. Will she and her ex-boyfriend, her soul mate, reconnect in this life?

2. Do her and her friend stand a chance at a romantic relationship?

Allie Theiss Show!

Tues & Thur 8 – 9 pm ET


**Quote of the Week:**

“There is no remedy for love but to love more”.-Henry David Thoreau

**Show’s Format**

* Introduction

* Q & A from A 7/75

* Love & Sex Update

* Q & A from AK 7/89

* Out Of Body Ecstasy

* Closing remarks


*OBE Sex: Telepathic Sex (Jan 22), Dream Sex (Feb 5), Astral Sex (Feb 19) More Information/Sign Up: https://allietheiss.com/out-of-body-ecstasy-live-classes/

*Attracting Your Soul Mate: Learn how to attract your soul mate.

More Information/Sign Up: https://allietheiss.com/webinar-attracting-soul-mate/

*Love Magic: Feb 22 – Learn how to weave your own love magic.

More Information/Sign Up: https://allietheiss.com/webinar-learn-love-magic/

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