Welcome to Amore With Allie,your place for love & relationship advice with a metaphysical twist! In the second episode, Allie introduces herself to the Ageless Knowledge audience. She goes into explaining how to use LoveShui (Feng Shui + Love) to attract, repair or strengthen love. Allie answers two questions from viewers on love and second chances and discusses Powdered Sugar as the “Magical Item Of The Week.” Stay tuned for the affirmation at the end!

Would you like to submit your question for a chance to have it answered on Amore with Allie and be entered into the monthly drawing for a FREE READING/ADVICE?

All Allie needs is your initials, the other person’s initials, and the question. Please send an email to amore@agelessknowledge.com.

All Amore with Allie videos are first posted on YouTube and on AgelessKnowledge.com before posted on this site. Normal posting days are weekly on Thursday or Friday. Enjoy!


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