Amazing, Yet Confusing…

Amazing, Yet Confusing…

I finished my letter to Bill yesterday – finally. My handwriting is horrible and although I knew he could be able to read it no matter what – I had to be somewhat neat:) After I was finished I couldn’t find my sisters new address anywhere! For some reason none of my family had it. I knew I had to mail it yesterday and time was ticking away. I took a deep breath, told my sister repeatedly to answer the phone (she isn’t supposed to get personal phone calls at work) and called. She answered! Yay! I got her address and off the letter went! Only two more days…

Because of my expanded awareness and some persistant emails (grin) I decided to start offering readings where I talk to guides/angels and give you their $.02 along with my own. No tarot, runes or numerology involved. Thus far (and it’s only been 2 days) the readings have been pretty popular!

What a time today with my session with Cindy! I don’t remember all – but this is what I do…

I entered into the past life with Ted and I as Christian and Jeta. Same scene – except now we were in the water making love. It was a raw – hot type of making love with so much emotion needing to come out that neither of us realized if we were hurting the other or not.

I see a light and Archangel Gabriel waving for me to step through. I say – no – not yet.

I flash forward in the same life and Ted and I are on the street, in Berlin, looking to get out of there after WWII. We are stopped by some German soldiers. There is a fight – I think it is over I. They draw their guns and I jump in front of Ted as they pull the trigger. I was 3 months pregnant and I died in his arms. The anguish in his cries were not human.

The light appeared again – this time I went.

I felt myself going down into the earth, into a cave. The main chamber is huge – there seems to be a river that flows through and a waterfall. The place sparkles like a crystal cave. Ted, Bill, Clive, myself and Cindy were down there – this was a continuation from Atlantis (different time period though) and about the stones that we had. I kept seeing an secret entrance to this cavern from inside a Mayan temple. Yucatan peninsula kept springing up. That the stones we placed there for safe keeping were no longer there in 2005 – some were stolen many years ago, while others transported themselves to different locations in order for miners to “find” them. Now many are in different private and public collections trying to work their way back to us. I kept getting that once we are all together again, the locations will be revealed. But that we are to keep searching in meditation as it is opening up our awareness and sensitivity on finding them.

It was if a veil was over my eyes and I could kind of see things but I knew that I wasn’t supposed to know this information today.

Before I knew it I was in my meadow and Bill, Ted and I were surrounded by angels and Jesus. They were all sending blinding light into all three of us. I could see concentrated beams of light going into each of us through the top of the head – but I didn’t know what the information was. I asked Jesus about Friday – he smiles and says that Bill will be there. It’s Divine timing:) Bill, Ted and I merged into one person.

Then I came out of it.

Not sure what to make of any of this except the start. No wonder poor Ted is so desperate to find me and to be romantically involved. Every time we’ve been together it seems like he has lost me tragically because of something he did.

Need to get outside and help put together my son’s swing set from @ell. I guess I can’t complain that much – I picked it out:) Will look over the blog later today – after I take two animals to the vet – and respond to the posts.

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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