There is no such thing as a “Perfect” partner, hence the name of this spell.



-a piece of paper

-few rose petals

-a non-mental heatproof bowl


When the house is quite, and the stress of day-to-day life isn’t permeating your mind, sit with your paper and pen. Carefully think out and then write down the qualities you want in a mate. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect person – we all carry many flaws.

When you are done with your list, sprinkle the rose petals onto the paper. Fold the paper with the rose petals inside, three, six, or nine times. It doesn’t matter how many times you fold as long as you keep it in multiples of three. Visualize your life with your almost perfect partner and then meditate on it for three minutes.

Burn the paper/rose petals in the heatproof bowl. As the paper burns, your wants are being released into the Universe. Detach yourself from what you desire and let the Universe take over from here.

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