Allie's Past Life Regression

Allie's Past Life Regression

Below is the regression I was telling you about – I finally had a chance to convert it and upload to the blogs. If you subscribe to my podcast – it’s also up on iTunes.


Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂
Allie’s past life regression session on Oct 23, 2008 at Maria Shaw’s Cosmic Connection Convention in Midland, MI.

Regression by Tanya Douglas.

Main focus of the regression (discussed after the regression was complete – not recorded) was Vincent. He is the central male figure/love interest in each lifetime.

Some clues from the PLR on why Allie does not let too many people get close to her in the present life, emotionally and mentally, especially men.

The recording starts at the point of the first regressed life.

An FYI – At the point in the regression where Allie was naked with Vincent – it was not as you think, not for sex, but for skinny dipping while the kids were off playing. It wasn’t explored in the regression (although Allie knew why at the time), but discussed afterwards.

MP3 File

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