Allie’s Atlantis Project

Allie’s Atlantis Project

You know the adrenalin rush you feel when you get a “knowing” that you have to do something (besides eat, sleep and go to the bathroom)? I finally had that feeling the other day on a project I’ve been putting off for most of my life.
It’s rather difficult to put an idea out there for the world to see when there’s a high chance of probability it will get crushed. But that is exactly what I did last night with my Atlantis project
What does my project have to do with you? It’s simple – you like magic – I like magic – and magic will be folded into Atlantis.
If you could take a look at the project ( within the next few days and if you feel it’s worthy – pass it on to 5 of your friends I’d greatly appreciate it. 
Thank you!!

Allie 🙂

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