Allie Theiss Show: The Wonderful World of Tarot with Kate

Allie Theiss Show: The Wonderful World of Tarot with Kate

Join Allie tonight from 8 – 9 pm et as guest Daily Tarot Girl Kate talks about the wonderful world of tarot plus takes your questions!

Stick around for the 2nd hour 9 – 10 pm as it’s free for all with Allie – no topic is off the list, from Atlantis to Reiki to UFO’s! Allie takes your calls and chat room comments!


Kate is an intuitive Tarot reader & teacher, life coach and writer. She teaches intuitive Tarot card reading on her popular website and is passionate about inspiring you to use your Tarot and Oracle cards for personal growth and connecting with the Divine. When Kate’s not writing about Tarot, she’s either bellydancing, reading conspiracy theory books, napping in the sun, running through the forest or planning her next vacation!

Visit for daily inspirational Tarot readings and fun Tarot exercises, articles and videos.

Have an idea for the show? Drop Allie a note!

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