Allie Theiss Show: Sex Ed Boot Camp!

Allie Theiss Show: Sex Ed Boot Camp!

Join Allie as she welcomes Dr. Joni Frater and Esther Lastique to talk about Sex Ed Bootcamp!

College students appear to have different sexual attitudes and behaviors than previous generations. They have received more sexual education than other generations; but, are they ready for the freedom of campus living? What programs are colleges offering students to aid in the transition? And what about parents, how are they preparing their young adults?

Tonight’s show opens a dialogue with two sex educators who are well prepared to offer the conversation on the college campus. Listen and learn for yourself or your children; how Sex Ed Boot Camp aids in preparing young adults for this important life experience!

Dr. Joni & Esther treasure their relationship as a model of what all relationships can become. Co-authors of Love Her Right, these relationship gurus and sex researchers are also trained sexologists with The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Using their unique perspective to help people achieve the level of communication and passion that they share, Esther and Joni are currently writing and speaking, serving as the favorite sex experts for college and professional journalists all over the US. They are regular guest on Playboy’s XM Sirius Radio, and have been interviewed by over 300 radio and television shows and press outlets. Esther & Joni are now taking their show on the road, speaking at colleges all over the US and Canada. Their fresh and sassy approach to healthy sexuality, delivered with a big dose of humor, is quickly making Sex Ed Boot Camp one of the most sought after sexuality lectures in the US.

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