Allie Theiss Show: Robert Bruce, Astral Projection, Kundalini!

Allie Theiss Show: Robert Bruce, Astral Projection, Kundalini!

Join Allie tonight from 8 – 10 pm et as she welcomes guest Robert Bruce as they talk about astral projection, psychic defense, energy, fasting, and his new program, How to Raise Kundalini, which will be released in November 2013.

Robert will be here for BOTH HOURS, taking calls and answering questions.


Robert Bruce is a true spiritual pioneer of our times. Author of five groundbreaking books, his life spent exploring the dynamics of all things paranormal and spiritual, and testing the boundaries of the greater reality. This exploration particularly involves the human energy body, which is the foundation of both physical and spiritual existence and the interactive key to all spiritual exploration.

Robert’s other areas of expertise include astral projection, kundalini phenomena, minds-eye vision, spiritual and psychic development, metaphysics, and psychic self-defense. Robert lectures internationally and currently lives in Australia. Robert is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM.

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