Allie Theiss Show: Monte Hamilton World Psychic

Allie Theiss Show: Monte Hamilton World Psychic

Join Allie as she welcomes back World Psychic, LaMont (Monte) Hamilton to the show! Join in as they talk about souls, life, and energy. Stay tuned for advice and comments!

Monte is on the entire show from 8 – 10 pm.


Lamont has been counseling couples and families since he was 18 years old and doing workshops for Spiritual awareness for many years.
He is an Ordained Minister, Registered Hypnotherapist, and has accredited qualifications in Counseling, biofeedback, and holds multiple Degrees in each of the fields of Business, Psychology, and Education. His Professional work is recognized and respected all over the world as a top Clairvoyant/Psychic along with his predictions which are commonly translated into several different languages.
The work he does ranges from Spiritual readings, Love/relationship & compatibility forecasts and can answer questions or identify hidden meanings dealing with most relationship interactions. He provides services for adults, couples, and adolescents. In working with all clients, he listens with non-judgmental, calm, and down-to-earth. Most clients begin to feel comfortable within the first few minutes of a session.
His client base covers a wide range of people from all over the world including many of America’s top Leading Psychic’s.
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