The Allie Theiss Show: Past Lives, Present Loves Pt 2

The Allie Theiss Show: Past Lives, Present Loves Pt 2

Did you miss last night’s show? Listen in here as Allie and special Tuesday co-host, Holly Vincent, continue their discussion on how past lives can affect present loves.

Tune into Allie Theiss and her special Tuesday co-host Holly Vincent as the Allie Theiss Show helps you to have a positive and fulfiling love life!

Marriage? Dating? New love?

We’re here to help!

Stay tuned for:

  • Favorite things
  • Past Lives, Present Loves – Pt 2
  • Love energy card: Autumn from the “Nature-Speak Oracle” (Ted Andrews)
  • Relationship tip: Turning complaints into questions.

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Thursday: Betty Roberts

Next week: no shows so Allie can celebrate her birthday all week long!

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