Allie Theiss Show: Jenna, Intimacy and Affairs!

Allie Theiss Show: Jenna, Intimacy and Affairs!

In case you missed the show last Thursday, here it is in all it’s glory!

Join Allie as she welcomes sex and intimacy educator Jenna, from Jenna Time, to talk about:

1) Boundaries and keeping your relationship affair proof, monogamny and it’s issues- does it still exist?

2) A talk on affairs for mistresses- how to deal with the relationship and how to get out of it.

3) An overview of intimacy- the difference between sensuality and sexuality. Is there a difference?

Call in or put your questions in the chat room!


Jenna is a Sexuality Educator from California. She was on the path to become a sex therapist and decided she could better serve others by educating them about sex and intimacy instead of being a therapist. Jenna believes there is a serious need for sexual information. Whether she’s out and about with girlfriends or attending a conference on intimacy, this subject never ceases to be discussed with great interest and curiosity. The world of sexuality educators is increasing each year but access to them is limited to workshops, and trainings. She’s only seen a few outlets online that offer valuable information readily online and so here she is…joining the small team of educators taking over the world one orgasm at a time! It’s her hope that Jenna Time becomes a magical little webisode series with many “ah-ha” and more moments for all!

To find out more about Jenna, go to

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