I’m always amazed when I say FREE READINGS that very few if any take me up on it.

Baffles me.

If you missed the show last night:

Tune into Allie Theiss and her special Tuesday co-host Holly Vincent as the Allie Theiss Show helps you to have a positive and fulfiling love life!

The Heart Chakra: How to heal – how to love.

Marriage? Dating? New love? Break-up?

We’re here to help!

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Stay tuned for:

  • Favorite things
  • Heart Chakra
  • Love energy card: #51 Trust from Wisdom of Avalon deck.
  • Relationship tip: To have a secure relationship – compromise is needed.

Call in and get your love, romance and relationship questions answered!

Who doesn’t love FREE reading/advice 🙂


Holly discussed on the show with main points you need to guide yourself to – tree lined path…gate…rose garden…focus on the roses…then see a cottage…green door…go there is a warm fireplace, a heavy wooden table, and on that a green book…open the book what messages from the relationship do you need to let go of?

Toss the messages into fire. Once you feel you are done, turn a NEW page, what message do you need to integrate? Read those. When done, close the book. Exit the cottage, go through the stone gate, back down the wooded path to your starting point.

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