The Allie Theiss Show: Ghostbusting with Cindy Riggs!

The Allie Theiss Show: Ghostbusting with Cindy Riggs!

Tune into Allie Theiss and her guest Ghostbusting Expert Cindy Riggs, from 8 – 9 pm et, as the Allie Theiss Show talks about how to kick the unwanted ghosts out of your space.

Join us in the chat room or call in to ask Cindy a question about ghostbusting!

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Cindy Riggs is a professional psychic and trance channel. In her private practice, she performs psychic readings, channeling, hypnosis, past-life regression, spirit releasement/clearings, Defragmenting (soul retrieval), energy bodywork, and personal & psychic development coaching. She is certified in Remote Viewing (helping to locate missing items), is a Reiki Master/Teacher, and Licensed Minister. She is also the author of the channeled book Vishnu Speaks: Messages of Enlightenment from the Ancient Deity.

Cindy has been communicating with the spirit world for more than 15 years. She channels spirit guides, nature spirits, Archangels, ascended masters, extraterrestrials, and the Higher Selves of humans. Much of her skill and awareness she learned from her own spirit guides.

Cindy’s Ghostbusting work (aka “spirit releasement”) involves clearing of people, places and objects by sending the spirits and other energies “home”/to the next plane of existence. Her work in this area has produced consistent positive feedback, validation from paranormal investigators, and radio and television appearances.

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