Allie Theiss Show: Claire Gillenson, M.A.,Grief-o-logist

Allie Theiss Show: Claire Gillenson, M.A.,Grief-o-logist

Join Allie tonight from 8 – 9 pm as she welcomes Grief-o-logist and Intuitive Coach Claire Gillenson to talk about thebridging process and the all-important personal SHIFT.

Stick around for the 2nd hour 9 – 10 pm as it’s free for all with Allie – no topic is off the list, from Atlantis to Reiki to UFO’s! Allie takes your calls and chat room comments!

(Yes, I still do free readings the 2nd hour – all you have to do is ask!)


My passion is to help people who are ready to move from loss to possibilities. As an intuitive coach, I serve as a “human bridge” between pets and their parents. I also use my clair cognizance to be a “bridge” to grieving individuals who are ready to take a step towards their own healing. My approach is holistic, organic and ACTION ORIENTED. I love being of service as a catalyst to change. My “toolbox” includes a MA in Spiritual Psychology, grief coaching, bereavement facilitation, pet loss counseling certification, Reiki level two, Animal Reiki level two, EFT, and guided meditations More important than textbook knowledge, is my personal triumph over the many losses in my life; a turbulent and emotionally charged childhood, stage four cancer at 19, infertility, failed marriages and the suicide of my mother the week I found out I was pregnant. We are the same. If I can shift, so can you.

Visit Claire for more information or to book an appointment:

NEXT WEEK: Betty Roberts!

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