Allie, Iris And A True Love!

Allie, Iris And A True Love!

You know, I’ve tried watching Medium so many times, but I have it all figured out within the first 5 – 10 min and it ruins everything – same happens with Ghost Whisper and the Dead Zone (when it was on). The only shows that give me food for thought at least 1/2 the time are the CSI, Law & Order and Monk. SIGH. Same thing happens when I read a mystery book – before I hit 1/2 way I have it solved. Dang it all. But that’s something I’d love to write – a mystery movie with the viewer having to figure out who done it. Whoever solves the crime sends in a solution. Then the ones who have it right get put in a hopper and a winner is pulled. The whole movie is told through the eyes of the PI hired by the victims family. So what the PI sees, the audience sees. Then after it is out of the theaters & is in DVD, there will be a second mystery to solve. The secondary mystery is located within the main mystery but you don’t really notice it as you’re paying attention to #1. It’s a concept that’s been knocking about in my mind for many years.

I’m not sure if I will get the podcast done on Monday. My mom and sister are coming over for a picnic and then it’s off to see Indy. I don’t care if it has been 19 years since the last movie – Indy is still hot.

For those of you who have been following this blog for awhile you know how I can be a reading junkie. I love getting readings – although I don’t get them near what I used to – I’m still tickled when I do get one regardless of the info getting. For my birthday a client surprised ME with a reading. Yeah – I was tickled:) I thought I’d share it with you, I hope she doesn’t mind (I don’t think she does or I wouldn’t share).

The spread I’ve chosen is called The Birthday Spread, and I found it on a tarot forum I belong to. It is 9 cards and tells you about your past influences, accomplishments of the past year, issues you carry forward into this year, where you are at the moment, challenges you may face in the upcoming year, goals you can achieve this year, the overall focus of your year, and your birthday gift, which is a blessing you will receive during the year. I really love this spread, it reminds me of a solar return almost 🙂 The tarot deck I’ll be using is Tarot of a Moon Garden in case you want to google for images of the cards that appear in your reading.

First of all, I just have to say when I drew your cards, you pulled 5 major arcana cards! WOW!!! I have never done a reading like that before! And I think you know that 5 in numerology indicates major changes are ahead!! And because the major arcana usually represents themes or big issues. Psychically, I receive that this is going to be a TREMENDOUS year for you. Clairvoyantly, I see moving toward the East and I am seeing happiness not only for you, but for your son as well. I feel a lot of warmth and laughter. I also see a man walking into your life when you make this move. He’s tall, with black hair, tanned, and he’s a little older, but not much. He has a nice body, he’s skinny but he does have some muscle to him and he’s clean shaven. I’m feeling you may all ready know this man? But it’s like he is going to come around even more when you move. I see your business doing tremendously well and your going to write another book for publishing based on dreams and dream interpretation.

Ok with that said, this is what the cards are telling me in the spread I am doing for you:

Card #1 – Past influences that are ending or passing out of your life – Three of Cups – I want to say that you aren’t playing the victim anymore. It’s like you’ve underwent through some hard times this past year. You’ve dealt with the hard times as best as you can, and God is rewarding you. Three is a number of creativity and communications. You probably felt a creative growth spurt this year and you have learned some lessons on how to expand your horizons with regards to your creativity. Your creativity will always be there, don’t worry, but it’s like the past year, you were on this major creative growth spurt. You were blossoming with ideas all over the place. Also, in my card, there is three fairies in cups. I’m feeling this was a great year for networking for your business and you have reaped the benefits of this networking. The moon in the card is a bright yellowish-orange color and that signifies happiness. It took you awhile to get there, but there is just major happiness flowing from you.

Card #2 – Accomplishments of the past year to reflect on – Temperance – Whenever I think of Temperance, it usually means patience to me. So I am thinking that you have had to learn to be patient and learn to work with your energies in order to manifest your desires. You had to make things work. You were not only patient, but you knew the meaning of “hard work” and you see the rewards that have come with this hard work. I’m also getting that you are trusting your guides more than ever. You have always listened to them, but there was some doubt. But this past year, you learned that they have been more right than wrong. You are becoming more intuitive and more aware. There is a unicorn behind the angel who is pouring a rainbow into a cup in the card, and the unicorn to me symbolizes extra protection and good luck. Your angels were certainly helping you accomplish your goals and made you go after your dreams. There is a path behind the angel, which I think is going to be the angel’s next venture which leads to some mountains. You are more prepared than ever for this challenge. Way to go Allie! 🙂

Card #3 – Issues, tasks, or goals carried forward from last year into the coming year – The Sun – You are learning to trust. I’m feeling you have major trust issues. You don’t trust just anyone. They have to understand you. You get along with everyone, but you sometimes feel that you are lacking friends who understand the real Allie. I’m also getting that you will continue to work with your guides more in an every day basis and they are going to lead you to some new people who will understand the real Allie. And these people will be in your life FOREVER. Also, The Sun can indicate partnership, so you may decide to write a book with someone, start a business with someone, or you could enter into a new relationship this year. And this relationship you will learn from. And you will be happy. I feel nothing but good from this card for you. It’s just all about working with people and perhaps you may become involved with someone (maybe the man I saw at the beginning of this reading 😉 ).

Card #4 – Where you are right now – Justice – You are receiving what you so rightfully deserved. You are in a happy place. The wrongs have been righted. You are ready for your next battle in the game of life. You feel you can tackle anything that comes your way (and you can!). The moon in the card to me represents that there are higher forces working with you. You are always going to have an uplifting from anything no matter what. Nothing will ever be complete doomsday for you.

Card #5 – New influences that will be coming into your life in the near future – The Emperor – When I first saw this card, I immediately thought of a teacher/father figure. He is going to be someone that you can confide in, someone you will go to for advice, and someone who is as spiritually enlightened as you are. I’m feeling that he could have Aries energy since The Emperor is sitting on a throne with Ram horns. And I really feel a masculine energy in this card too. This person could also be a female, just someone who has a lot of masculine energy. I really could be wrong, but I feel this will be a male more than likely, and this could be the man that I’m seeing you enter into a relationship with. He’s going to be very loving. You will be his Goddess 😉 It’s like first he’ll come into your life as a teacher, but then he will become a lover.

Card #6 Challenges you may face in the coming year – The Magician – You may have writer’s block or not all th
e desire to do as many readings as you have been doing. You’ve expanded your energy so much on helping people that you will want a vacation. Make sure you are taking time out for yourself, even if it post pones readings. Your energy may ware thin. Be sure to get lots of sleep. Don’t be on the go all the time. And I’m feeling a lot of movement within this card, so I think there may be some stress with moving, but that’s natural 🙂 Make sure you breathe and just take time out for yourself once in awhile. You may also feel that there is some blockage or deception, but remember, you can overcome anything! You are a very powerful wizard 😉 (since the card has a wizard for the Magician). You are a wiz! Your metaphysical and spiritual knowledge will help you fight your writer’s block and intuitive blocks and/or the people you feel that are deceiving you.

Card #7 – Goals you can achieve in the coming year – Knight of Swords – You are going to continue to fight for what you believe in. And the result will be very positive for you. I’m feeling your trust issues will be tackled and you’ll have such numerous support from people. I feel you are going to complete something that is either draining your energy or you just don’t have time for anymore.

Card #8 – The Overall focus or outlook for the coming year – Four of Pentacles – This is going to be ALL ABOUT YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! ALLIE! ALLIE! ALLIE! You will focus more on yourself this year and I see you focusing on your writing more. Your business is going to get so busy with your appearances on Maria’s show, you may also get a radio show of your own! You have to remember when to say no to the people who you can turn away. You will know who to say no to because they will support you no matter what. I’m seeing a move in this card as finances will be ok to move. You will be in a much happier place and you are just so thankful for the way things have turned out.

Card #9 – Your birthday gift – a blessing you will receive during the year – Queen of Staffs – You are going to become a business savvy woman. You are going to be balanced (or at least seem to be balanced LOL). I also see a new pet. This pet you are going to be so attached to. It’s going to be a stray, but you are so drawn to it, like it’s a past life connection or something. You are going to start feeling beautiful and will want to flaunt what you got 😉 And you are a beautiful soul. The Queen of Staffs also means a good friend and mother and devoted wife. So this year could be…it. Even though you are in your money year, I still feel that romance will blossom for you and this could lead into a marriage or long term relationship. You are never going to be broke, you will always have just enough to get by when times are rough.

The guy she described in the beginning sounds a lot like Will – except that Will’s hair isn’t black. But heck, as long as I meet a good guy who is good to me and my son – I don’t care who he is. She’s not the only one who has told me that I’ll be moving east and it could be as early as mid summer. Plus – again not the only one who says I will burn out and want to slow down some this summer. So if I try to work in moderation now – maybe I won’t burn out this summer?

Iris and I had a little chat about romance last night. I asked her how a SOB like my ex could find someone (although he had several while we were married) and move in with them — when me — the nice person – still hasn’t found anyone. She said — well Allie, you’re ex will take anyone and while his girlfriend has a kind heart, he’ll mess that one up too. And then he’ll go on to the next and so forth. You on the other hand know what you will accept and will not accept. You have asked the Divine to send you a true love – not just any love – and that is what you are waiting for. Just anyone will not due for you – you refuse to accept anyone into your life — and the life of your son — who doesn’t have your highest good in mind. Because of this, only men who meet the conditions set out by you will be brought to you. And where you live – there isn’t many – if any. You’ll meet your love when you are out of town. And before you ask – I will not tell you if it’s Will or not. It should be – but he has free will to turn his back. If he does that – then you will be brought another true love as you have more than one. Fear not for you will be in a positive, loving relationship by the end of 2009. In the grand scheme of things, another year or so isn’t that long. Besides, your work load is heavy now and is about to get heavier. There’s only so much time in a day.

And yes, there is only so much time in the day. And with school ending next Friday, my days will be busier. Although he is going to go to his favorite day camp 3x a week this summer – I still have to pay for it – so it’s more work for me:)

On that note – it’s time for me to go and get some more things done. For those of you in the states, have a great Memorial Day weekend and stay safe.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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