Aliens is not usually a topic I talk about on my site. But yesterday I was in my local used book store and I came across a book titled, “Interstellar Contact” by Duncan Lunan. The book is about Mr. Lunan in 1973 deciphering mysterious radio signals from the 1920s. I don’t own any books on UFOs or aliens, but this caught my eye. So I brought it home and did a search on Duncan Lunan and came upon this forum. He retracted in what he put in the book, then he brought some of it back. To me – it appears that someone or something influential got to him to change his story. But then his conscience couldn’t let him drop it all. That’s my $02 at any rate. The fact that he changed his mind on most of what he wrote in this book makes me want to read it that much more.

Then last night on the Allie Theiss Show (Thurs @ 8 pm et), I had what I call a “free for all”. This means that we talk about any topic that the listeners want to. We started with dreams (which I feel are our other lives – not symbols to be interpreted), went to shadowpeople, and ended on aliens – with some advice thrown in from callers/chat room in-between. Some interesting points came up during the show: Noah’s Ark was a spaceship, portals, aliens as humans, Starseeds, and more.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I haven’t written about aliens. I talk about Atlantis a lot and heck, the book series I’m writing involves aliens. I guess this is the universe’s way to waking me up!

Listen below to the show and then let me hear your thoughts — do aliens exist — in the comments below!

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