Ain't Nothin But A Dream…

Ain't Nothin But A Dream…

I had a great dream visit with Bill last night – but I’ll be dammed if I can remember most of it. The sense I get from the visit is a very loving and territorial feeling – that we expressed our love for one another but also made it very clear to everyone else that he’s mine and I’m his. The only scene I can really remember is that he is outside on a blanket. I’m indoors talking to someone. In the events prior to this – we openly acknowledged who we are to one another (1st time I can remember doing this) and was overjoyed with the knowledge. Anyways – I’m telling this person who Bill is to me. As we are walking outdoors, Bill gets up from the blanket and walks over to a table with wine, wine glasses and some small cans. I say to the person “His name is Bill”. Bill smiles and shakes his head. He holds out a can to me and says something like “You need to have some veego.” I’m like “What?” He hands me the can and it reads “V-Go”, it is a can of V8! I ask if he’s trying to tell me something. He laughs and says “Oh yeah”.

I then get fragments of us telling everyone that we loved one another and the pride and joy that shown on our faces was awesome!

Right before I wake up – I was talking to someone about my gypsy script, “The Black Triangle”. I was worried that he didn’t like it – that to was too hard to follow. He replies that the interns loved it – he loves it. It is a compelling and moving way to show the drama of that time with fresh angle. He says that he wishes I had it packaged already (meaning main cast and crew set). I start to say that I’m in the process of that – and I wake up….

So what does this all mean? Maybe that I need to stop drinking wine – have more V8 and get my @ss in gear with that script:) Who knows? What I do know is that although I woke up before my alarm went off (my eyes opened at 4:45 am) I got up in a good mood!

Most of my spell testers have gotten back to me:) They say that they’re great, easy to follow! YEAH! Another step down – a few more to go!

The poems just keep coming:

Do you know who we are?
Two desperate souls,
Stuck between heartbreak and love,
As we wait for fate to lead us,
Together once more.

Until that time,
We beg and plead for help,
For someone to guide us home.

Will you be the one?
The one sent from above?
To make the connection.
To make that life-changing call.

You know in your heart,
That what you see is truth.
You know the players,
The real identities,
The facade is gone.

Will you be the one,
To ease our pain, our frustration?
Will you guide us home?


I sit alone,
In the dark,
Holed away from the world.
Am I certifiable?
Or simply insane?
If neither applies to me now,
Soon enough one or the other will,
As my source of strength and determination,
Is sorely tested every day,
Every minute,
Of my life,
Without you.


The newly fallen snow adds a chill to my already cold heart.
So many have tried to warm it.
So many want to own it.
But no one can rekindle the burn from within,
Except the one with the golden match,
And she is no where to be found.
So I sit and wait,
And painfully transform into a human ice sculpture.


I see him on a stage,
People hang on his every line.
But I do not hear a word he says,
As I cling onto his eyes,
His blue eyes of the past, present and future,
Have me transfixed like a school girl in heat.

Will he look up and see me?
What will he do when he does?
Oh God – he’s done.
What do I do now?

He lowers his book and surveys the crowd,
Our eyes lock.
In a spilt second our lives transform forever.
As he sees me — really sees who I am,
And it is as if we were in our own world.

He takes me into his arms and kisses me as if his life depends on it,
And it does,
So does mine.
The crowd looks on, no longer enthralled by his words,
But by the love that engulfs the room.


Can you hear the tick, tock,
Of the clock on the wall?
It’s in my head, my heart, my soul.
Every second of every day I watch it and wait,
For you to come my way,
And make time stand still.

Copyright © 2005 by Allie. All Rights Reserved

That’s about it for today!

Until tomorrow…

Crystals and Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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