Adult Toys, Oil And Telepathic Sex!

Adult Toys, Oil And Telepathic Sex!

Out of body sex – I rolled out of bed today thinking about the subject and I’ve been talking about it ever since. Not that I mind talking about OBE sex – or heck – sex. But today seemed to have an overflow of questions and situations. I’ve been working with a couple of people today on with their Sexual Advice Plans and a Sexual Coaching client. The main theme that is running though these clients is that they all have a need to use sex toys/oils during telepathic sex, but when they try to use the toy during the sexual connection, the connection is lost or at the least interrupted.

Why is that? Because they are using the toys as an add on and not as part of the actual experience. They have to take a “time out” while they position and/or insert the toy or put on the oil and that’s what yanks them out of the connection. Using toys like this during a fantasy also interrupts the flow of things.

So what’s one to do?

How can you have telepathic sex or a fantasy and not lose the rhythm when you introduce sex toys into the picture?

Simple. Be prepared.

During physical sex, would you stop mid-go in order to grab a condom, unwrap it and put it on? No – you would be prepared and have that baby either out of the wrapper already (and sitting near by for quick application) or you’d at least have the package open and within reach. Because come on – if you’re not prepared- it interrupts the flow. Maybe that’s just me? But I doubt it.

If you are going to use oils during OBE sex or a fantasy: put the oil on her fingertips before the connection happens. It also helps if you are already naked. When the moment arrives during the connection where the oil needs applied – let your fingers do the walking. No interruptions with getting the oil on your fingers – no bumps in the orgasmic flow.

Now if you want to use sex toys – this is really where a male or female fuck machine (an actual machine, not a person) comes in handy. All you would have to do is have it in position and press a button when ready. But it’s a hefty price tag and precisely why I don’t own one — yet. So anyways – normal sex toys…..

Have vibrators on and position before the connection starts – this also goes for dildos, anal plugs and Fleshlights (or any male masturbation toy). Nipple clips, nipple suckers – have in your hands. When the time is right, you’ll be able to use the sex toys without the an interruption with the flow.

Need to add lube before you use the toy? In one hand have the lube on your fingers already – in the other hand have your sex toy. When the time is right – apply the lube, then use the toy. Bam – boom – just like that.

Give it a try today and drop me an email on how it turns out: gypsyadvice (at) yahoo (dot) com

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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