For me, working with personal energy also includes the space around the person. This is where Feng Shui comes into play. Feng Shui can be used to attract a new love relationship or improve an existing one by activating the chi (energy) in the southwest corner in the bedroom and/or the living room.

In that sector, you could paint the walls bright red or hang red tapestry, red lights, or even a red folding screen! The key here – obviously – is red! Light a candle in that sector during the new and then the full moons. The fire helps to generate the sexy love magnet into the universe!

You can also activate the SW area of your lawn by putting a statue of Venus (love) or Aphrodite (sex), and/or a bird feeder.

Keeping plants in the relationship sector can attract some sizzling sexual energy. If you can – use live plants. If live plants cannot be used, then use silk plants. Never used dried plants as dried indicates your sex drive is dried up. I would assume that is not your goal!

Flowers you may want to plant:

  • Peace lily – for harmony
  • Roses – to open up emotionally
  • Gardenias – to attract love and happiness
  • Orchids – to enhance sexual energy
  • Hibiscus – facilitate sexual fulfillment

Another word about plants. No cacti in the home. No — none. Why? Because the prickliness of the cacti messes the heck out of the chi in the home.

No poking the chi man! HA!

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