The NORTHWEST sector of the room in which you wish to practice Feng Shui, or your home, is where you encompass your achievements and also those help you to achieve: benefactors, mentors, and your father. It is all about responsibility – giving – as well as receiving.

Different stones you can employ in this sector include: Calcite (benefactors/helpful people), Garnet (travel), Iolite (helpful people), Moonstone (travel), Peridot (travel), Rhodonite (emotional support from helpful people), Ruby (father, assisting people), Sapphire (travel), Staurolite (travel) and Tanzanite (benefactors).

Gray is the color of the NORTHWEST sector. You could employ the power of the gemstones by working with colors. If you choose this route – Moonstone is an excellent grayish stone for this.

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