Who Is Allie Theiss?

I Love to Create Stories!

That's me - I'm Allie!
That’s me – I’m Allie!

My love of creating new worlds and experiences started in 2nd grade. I had my Elementary Principal convinced to let me put on my two-person play about a fairy princess in the school’s auditorium. That is – until she found out it was a kid-sanctioned, not school-sanctioned, event.

Poo on her – I put it on in my backyard for my neighborhood!


How can I help you?

My love of stories helps you because I know the creative process and how frustrating, yet liberating, it is. My enthusiasm for the creative process plus my understanding through first-hand experience what it’s like to lose motivation and misplace the muse gives me an insight into what it takes to help you with your creative project.

I want to help you move forward no matter if you’re creative or not.

Everyone should be able to get out of their way and move down the path that calls for them.

Think of me as your fairy godmother.

Only there when you need me.

Allie’s Portfolio


Comedy-Drama @ TVWriter.com with Larry Brody. Check it out here!


  • Gypsy Magic for the Soul Series (four books w/formulas for spells, oils, incense, and sachets)
  • Out of Body Ecstasy (astral, dream, telepathic sex)
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood (erotic short)
  • Gypsy Girl Guide to Achieving Your Goals (goal setting)
  • Soulful Connections (twin flame & soul mates non-fiction due May 2018)
  • Ernie the Easter Bunny (children’s picture book) Still to be published.


  • A Slice of Heaven (produced – Whispers Media)
  • Lucy Lexus
  • Imagine This (produced – Whispers Media)
  • Road Trip
  • Role Reversal
  • The Daily News (produced – Whispers Media)
  • Picture This (produced – Whispers Media)


Screenwriting Education

Script Coverage – Beverly Neufeld

July 2019 – August 2019

Roadmap Writers Class: Learn to be a Paid Script Reader

ScreenwritingU.com – Hal Croasmun

May 2018 – November 2020

Master Screenwriter Certificate

Scriptforsale.com – Hal Croasmun

November 2006 – May 2007

Master Proseries 1 Workshop

August 2005 May 2006

Rewrite Class

ProSeries 9

  • Comedy Writing for Screenplays
  • Create High Concept Ideas
  • Subtext
  • Write with Boldness
  • Building Fascinating Scenes
  • Characters and Dialogue
  • Great Beginnings
  • Great Endings
  • Script Marketing

January 2002 March 2004

ProSeries 1

  • Comedy Writing for Screenplays
  • Create High Concept Ideas
  • Subtext
  • Write with Boldness
  • Building Fascinating Scenes
  • Characters and Dialogue
  • Great Beginnings
  • Great Endings
  • Script Marketing

Tvwriter.com – Larry Brody

July 2017 – Ongoing

  • Master Teleplay Writing

January 2014 – February 2016

  • Advanced Teleplay Writing
  • Master Teleplay Writing

January 2007- May 2007

  • Advanced Teleplay Writing

May 2004 – April 2005

  • Basic Teleplay Writing
  • Advanced Teleplay Writing

Screenwriters Online- Susan Kouguell

May 2002 August 2002

  • Story and Screenplay Workshop


2017 People’s Pilot Special Production Award: The Cheddarbox Express

2016 Peoples Pilot 3rd place: Dreamers

2016 Nicholls Fellowship Top 10%: The Black Triangle

2015 Spec Spectacular 2nd place: The Black Triangle


Contact Information Allie

Mailing address: PO Box 1511, Wooster, OH 44691

Interviews, Motivational Minute, products & services, books,  screenwriting, Instagram:  Click to contact Allie

If you have a question about:

  • Why someone pops into your head
  • Soul mates, soul cluster, twin flame, soul family, soul group, soul circle
  • Telepathic sex, astral sex, dream sex
  • Lucid dreams, astral projection, telepathic connection
  • Energy, energy body, sexual energy
  • Want a reading or intuitive advice

PLEASE go to my other site ——> https//:www.outofbodyecstasy.com 

And in case you’re here to find out more about my NON-writing life…

(Keep reading…I know the suspense is killing you.)


09-14-06_1659I am an avid lover of animals. What started out as a simple rescue turned me into the “cat woman”. My son and I had 4 cats and 2 dogs. We brought in out of the cold a lovely couple, Sweet Pea & Felix, only to discover Felix knocked-up Sweet Pea, bringing their family total to 7 cats, which brought the grand total to 13 furry children sharing the house with us. That is until my birthday 2014 – when a black cat was hit 2x in front of my home. She had no broken bones & no internal injuries. Lucky made it cat #12, bringing my total of furry love to 14. Until 2015 when someone dropped off an elderly cat named Miss Daisy – bringing my furry total to 15.

Then 2015 brought with it the death of my oldest cat Darin (you see to your left), Trouble, Raisin, and Miss Daisy (she was only with me her final few months).

Wise in their own way, the remaining furbabies often try to have a say in the way my stories unfold. They definitely make life interesting.

I am a sci-fi nerd. My favorite sci-fi shows include Stargate (all 3 of them), Doctor Who (#10 is my fav), Star Trek & Star Wars (yes – you can love both), plus Firefly & Farscape. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter always make the rounds every year. I’m a hell of a cook who never follows the recipes & finds social media more of a chore than fun.

And when I’m not doing any of the above, you can find me either being a mom to a wonderful son, or curled up with a glass of wine, reading a good book, and imagining a new cast of characters to introduce to my community of fabulous people.

I am deeply honored and thrilled to do what I do. Thank you for considering to allow me into your life.