A Warning Or Simply A Nightmare?

A Warning Or Simply A Nightmare?

I had the most disturbing dream this morning. It’s now 11:00 am EDT and I’ve been up since 5:30 am because of this dream. I’ve gotten busy doing things around the house and tackling my huge email backlog to try to forget what I saw. But, no such luck. I keep thinking about it as soon as my mind has a quiet moment. Since I know I don’t really want to go back in to this dream, except to gleam maybe a date, I decided to post about it in hopes that it’ll go away. Also – maybe, just maybe, someone had a similar dream and it could mean something.

My sister that lives in CA – N – and I were in Hawaii. I don’t know how I got on my own, but I was sliding through a large white structure that was all wet – water was pouring in. People were getting out and making their way home – all ignoring this little goat who was throwing up as it ingested poison. I stopped to help the goat and got a zookeeper to help me. In the zoo, they were opening up all the cages and getting the animals out.

My sister N and I are now in a convertible. We are traveling along the coast of one of the islands. There is some chatting about the events of the day and how odd the animals are acting. I look over to the left and past the other side of the island, off in the distance is a couple hundred miles wide, sheet of water that is solid from the sky to the ocean is moving towards us. I put my glasses on to make sure, and I can see the water looking like a waterfall effect. I comment to my sister and to the man driving the car. We then notice to our right, about the same distance away are what looks like tornados, three of them. that are the same size from the sky to the earth. They are tall, but not wide. They intersect one another and are coming towards us. I comment that the two forces will meet here in the middle, on the island. Storms are starting, thunder, lightning. We are in a convertible – the roof is instantly up. Animals are going nuts in the woods we are traveling through to get to the house.

We are back on the coast and now my other sister is in the car too. All three of us have camera phones and we are recording the water and the tornados coming towards us. Our reasoning is that someday when someone finds these phones and they are dried out – there will be the technology to restore and play what is recorded so that future generations knows what happened – what hit us – what wiped us out.

N and I are staying in a large house – a wealthy house – as guests. We must of just got there because I comment that we do not have to pack, as our suitcase are still full. I hear a comment about no animals a loud. This house is on the coast and the winds are fierce. I am by a huge wall of windows looking out at the water when I see red fire trucks traveling up the beaches, stopping at houses. I know that they are evacuating. Again I hear, no animals. My small 6 lb. cat, Samantha is with us and I comment to N that there is no way in hell I will leave her here. I’ll put her in the bag. I comment that my son is safe, and then I look on the TV. There is a press conference going on in Cleveland with a black mayor (dark skin, not the light skin gentleman who is now mayor) that there is no where to run. I’m thinking that my son, his dad and my other animals are back there – what will they do? Then it dawns on me that there is nowhere to hide, no where to be safe. This force of God or weather is hitting on all sides of the North America, with its central target the United States.

They are trying to get as many people as they can underground – deep, deep underground. Somehow they think that they can evacuate the islands and in take us to the center of the US, where there is a massive underground bunker. The only reason we are being taken is that we are with this wealthy family. If we were home, and blue-collar – we would not be taken to this underground place. So I knew, that my son was going to die and I couldn’t do a thing about it – all of my friends, family (except my sister) were all going to go and I couldn’t do a thing.

I forced myself to wake up. When I did, I had a spitting headache on my right side, front, that I still have. I felt very ill to my stomach. This dream is a definite warning of some kind. But I don’t know if it is directed solely at me, or at the public. I did try to go back into the dream to see a date. But I couldn’t. My sisters and I look as we do now. Samantha looks as she does now – everyone I know now I was worried about. So whatever this is happens not to far in the future.

If you remember my past meditation sessions, my guides keep telling me that something is going to come and hit me out of the blue, to throw me off guard and there was nothing I could do about it.

This is aggravating. When I woke up the sky was dark, even when the sun was all the way up it was still dark, rainy — just pure yucky. I do remember another scene in this dream where the water would crash into this sturdy window, that was one side of a bowling alley. It looked really cool, watching the water hit. But I couldn’t understand why this structure would not fall apart and into the water. No one seemed concerned that the waves were very intense.

I can see the wall of water and the tornados as plain as day. With the tornados, they were 3 white funnel clouds surrounded by the blackness of the sky. Of course, since they were on water they were, I guess, hurricanes, but they looked to be as tornados.

I don’t know if I was supposed to feel better knowing that my bags were still packed and I was ready to go? I did think though that I shouldn’t take so much stuff as this was an evacuation, not a move.

Oh – just remembered something else. No one was boarding up their homes to protect them from the onslaught. There was no time. This all took everyone by surprise and there was zero time to prepare. The owners of this house (husband, wife and a couple of adult children) were acknowledging that this house and its contents were going to be washed out to sea. But – they were still taking things off the walls so that they wouldn’t fall and break when the water reached them. Now all of a sudden my mother was there helping me take down my Uncle’s chiming wall clock that I got after he died. Then I woke up after I got it down. So in this house that I was just visiting I had my cat and now my clock was hanging on the wall. Personal items in a house that I was just visiting.

It’s all food for thought — too much thought. I’ve never had a dream like this – ever – not of this magnitude where there was so much overall destruction and death. I think that I’ll go watch a movie with some hot men in it to help me forget about this for now. If anyone else had a dream like this from last night – let me know.

Something else just came to mind – what if Bill, Ted and I were the white tornados as it felt like two super powers or forces were going up against one another. Hummmm……

Have a good weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!

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