A Three-Way Telepathic Connection And A New Location!

A Three-Way Telepathic Connection And A New Location!

I’m a busy person today – lots to do, tired and a mild hangover to boot, when I keep being pulled into a session. So here goes:

I see Ted sitting on a boulder by a running stream. The grass around him is tall and lush. The water sounds like a slice of heaven with the birds as an angelic choir. He’s very busy pulling apart blades of grass to a point where I don’t think he knows I’m there. I move closer and call out his name. He stops playing with the grass, but keeps his head down. A smile spreads across his profile and for a moment I thought he was happy- but when he lifted his eyes to meet mine, I knew I was wrong. His sea-green eyes that usually make me forget who I am, were completely red from numerous broken blood vessels in his eyes.

A choked whispers says — thank you. I ask him – for what? Defending me – he says. I smile and reply — I’d die for you. He nods – and I you. So, I continue, defending was a piece of cake. He chuckles a bit. I move behind him and wrap my arms around him, easing his head back to lie on my chest. The wound cuts deep, too deep for me to heal – he says. Bill appears out of no where and replies – then let me heal you.

All of the emotional baggage that Ted carries with him has dulled his light, made his soul struggle to carry on and with the huge misunderstanding about the meadow – it was his last straw. With me in the back and Bill upfront, we are able to get a lot of the black, useless baggage out of him. He comments that he feels better but there is still pain. I tell him that there are some things that others cannot heal – he has to make some firm decisions about life and without seeking or needing the approval of others – just move down his soul’s path. People will drop out of his life, but where they leave, other’s suited more towards his life’s purpose will arrive. There’s a reason for everything and we are not to understand or even agree with it all. The Divine has the bigger picture at hand so we have to trust that we/you are being led into the right direction.

Bill places his hands on Ted’s knees and says – besides, now you two know who turned you in at the Sacred Circle. So you could split us up? Ted inquires. Bill nods. My forehead rests on Ted – he’s right I say. I can’t believe neither of us saw it. Bill says, none of us did. But now we know — and we’re better off.

I unwrap myself from Ted and slide into the cool stream. It feel good on my bare feet. I look up the way and I can see a cave. Any idea what’s in that cave? I ask the guys. They follow where I point and they both shake their heads. You want to find out – I ask. Brigit arrives and tells us that we will have to investigate later – right now she needs to talk to me.

Brigit and I walk up the side of the stream. It’s good to see you I say — good to see you too – she replies. How’s your telepathy coming along? Good – I say. In fact, I think that I discovered the way – just today – how to tap into their energy, their power and skills. Did you merge the three? No, I used it to wake myself up and make my headache go away. She shakes her head. No, that is not what you are to do. Selfishness is not the way. I didn’t think that I was being selfish.

She stops walking and looks at me. Look at it this way, what did they get out of the connection besides a energy drain? I did send them back my love and energy. So they received a benefit form the connection? I’d like to think they did. Then you merged — you did not take. See the difference? I nod – yes I do.

Good she says, go back to your office and try it again. This time solidify the connection and pump the combined energy through all three of you — and see what happens.

And with that she was gone and I was done.

You know me – I had to try this when I got “back”. I reached out and wrapped my energy around each man. Through Bill, I push my energy through him and from him he reached over and connected with Ted. We had a three-way current going. I then imagined a large, electric blue, energy ball moving to and through each of us, repeatedly, – gathering speed as it went along. The energy fried my butt (in a good way) and it also formed, I guess one would call it an anxiety pit, in my stomach. So I have to figure out a way to filter out the worry or anxiety from another while this three-way connection is going. Baby steps — but it is all coming together.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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