A Telepathic Kiss, Dream Sex And OBE Aid!

A Telepathic Kiss, Dream Sex And OBE Aid!

I’ve found over the years that by blending mugwort and clary sage oils – then applying them to my temples and third eye before going to bed really helps my dream state. That’s why I included that combo along with many others in my Gypsy Magic For The Dreamer’s Soul book. The combo also helps with astral travel. Jasmine and mugwort work great together to help with telepathic connections. And of course all works great with the various OBE sex.

All day Thursday I could feel lips kissing mine. The kisses were ever so soft and tender. I asked Will telepathically if it was him – his reply – it better have been – lol! Feeling an OBE (telepathic) kiss is just like feeling a physical kiss, minus – of course – the physical lips. I had to keep pushing the kisses aside so that I could get something done. I had to put up the energy wall in order to keep Will’s sexual energy at bay.

Last night I had a dream visit where I was in a bed with a woman – a woman I don’t think I know in the physical reality, yet her energy felt familiar. The bed reminded me of a human size clothes box top turned over so we were lying inside. I rolled onto my left side and as I rolled, I became naked and so did she. The woman threw her right arm over my body and held me close so that we were spooning. But as we were spooning, she grew a penis and entered me from behind. The hardness of the penis inside of me and the wetness of my body was very vivid. Three or four thrusts later the dream shifted from sex to me standing in a crowd of people – smoozing.

Off to bed I go. Sweet dreams!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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